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Why have K-Dramas Become So Popular in Pakistan?

South Korea, through its music, dramas, and rich culture has taken the world by storm. The Korean entertainment industry is thriving right now and the international audience for Korean music and Korean television is exploding across Asia and is even spreading to Pakistan.

Many people who are not familiar with Korean entertainment want to know why K-Dramas and K-Pop have gained so much popularity in Pakistan.

In this article I’ll share 6 most common reasons why everyone’s so obsessed with K-Dramas in Pakistan:

The Unique Storylines

K-Dramas usually have a very creative and brilliant twist to their storyline. The mystery that drives the show keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. The fans are always invested in the characters and cannot wait to make sense of the plot and understand how the characters are actually related. The whole cast and crew work as a team to present an incredible drama with extremely creative ideas which make the fans go, “Wow, how did they even think of that?”

K-Dramas range from melodramas, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, action, rom-com, to suspense, so there’s something for almost everyone.

Cultural Representation

If you ask someone why they love to watch K-Dramas, they’ll definitely tell you that one of the many perks is getting to know more about South Korean lifestyle and culture. All their dramas have somewhat cultural representation and fans find it fascinating. Even if you’ve watched just one K-Drama you must’ve learned a few things about their culture, like how they take off their shoes at the door or how they’re always so respectful towards their elders. These dramas are very educational.

Storytellers of K-Dramas don’t shy away from showing class differences, the power dynamics between genders, and their attitudes toward their careers. They also showcase workplace politics, love affairs, and other complexities of social life in South Korea. These dramas provide a broader understanding of the culture and its people.


Family Friendly

Being a Pakistani you can understand how difficult it is to find something which is squeaky clean so you can watch it with your family. Worry no more, the majority of the K-Dramas are very clean compared to Hollywood movies and shows. They don’t use foul language and show minimal violence, and love scenes rarely go beyond a kiss. In fact, even seeing the couple hug halfway through the series makes the news. Since they show less physical contact between the couples, it is more emotionally resonant.

Stunning Cinematography

This is another glossy factor of K-Dramas, they have breathtaking cinematography. The shots are aesthetically pleasing and locations are always well thought out. Even when the characters are quiet, the ambiance speaks a thousand words. But when the characters say their lines, the cinematography lifts up the whole mood of the scene flawlessly. If you haven’t watched a K-drama before, you might not understand what I’m talking about but just know that you’re seriously missing out!

Addictive Soundtracks

Korean dramas don’t just have amazing storyline or cinematography, they also have some amazing soundtracks and they know exactly when to play the track during a scene. When the most anticipated scene comes, trust that K-Drama will have a perfectly fitting track to enhance the scene’s impact. Non-Korean fans may not understand what the soundtrack means, but the melody definitely touches their heart and makes them feel all the emotions.

Do you remember the Goblin OST? Oh, you haven’t watched it yet. Like I said before, you’re missing out!

Life Lessons

I am also a fan of K-Dramas and I cannot count how many times I have paused a drama in the middle of a scene to let the moment sink in and then rewind it to blow my mind again. These dramas make you cheer for the characters and they also deliver unforgettable life lessons and insights in an entertaining way. K-Dramas successfully create an emotional connection with the viewers. Character development is done in such a way that the audience relates to the character’s struggles on a personal level and feels the same emotions.

Whether the character is dealing with hardships or taking a second chance at life, many dramas show the value of having faith in oneself and standing up for what’s right. These dramas don’t only entertain you but also motivate you to work on your dreams and to never give up.

You must be thinking why I haven’t talked about how beautiful the Korean actors are well when you’ll start watching K-Dramas you’ll understand that their looks are just a bonus. Korean entertainment, despite cultural differences and language barriers, has stolen the hearts of International audiences including Pakistan.

If you haven’t started watching K-Dramas yet, what are you waiting for?

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