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What causes jealousy and how we can overcome it?

Jealousy, envy or insecurity, no matter what we call it, the destructive feeling is widespread and common.

Sometimes great and positive initiatives do not achieve their final stage of  because someone, somewhere stops or harms it because of this feeling.

Jealousy or envy is such a illness that even most reasonable people could not know that all symptoms of this illness is present inside them and they are unable to realize it.


The reason for birth of jealousy or envy is that humans cannot adjust and digest the notion that they are weaker from or behind anyone in any manner that’s why when we see a person superior to us, we wish that we could become equal to him, there is only two way that this could be possible, first, we should toil and achieve superiority ourselves and second, the superior person somehow lose his or her superiority and become just like or equal to us.

The first scenario is not an ideal one, therefore, the second idea comes to mind.

When we see one of our contemporaries of our getting more praise or success than we feel bad about it, even if we do not want to feel or think like this and do not desire that respect or fame of our contemporary should be decreased somehow but still if such thing happens to our contemporary and he falls from his position, we do not feel bad for him but somehow feel good or satisfied with it and if in any gathering he is criticize, we find it more interesting to hear about it than positive feedback about him, we want to focus more on defects of his work than what’s commendable and admirable in it.

The only difference is that those who are amoral will find every criticism important and worth of listening and will be appeased by it whether it makes sense or not and also further spread it but the upright person will abhor any criticism that is not fact but even they will show more interest in hearing criticism than the good views about a person.

For, this illness it is sometimes necessary that person belong to same field, occupation or external characteristics, if knowledgeable person on common person, common person on knowledgeable person, poet on essayist, leader on follower, reformist on wealthy person does not feel envy or jealousy will not mean that they have became free from this sickness, they should focus that a person having same external characteristics or belonging to same occupation like them, if get respect and fame than what they feel about it.


1) It is natural that a person wants his enemy to suffer, if he cannot do anything himself to make him suffer than he wish that his enemy can suffer from any other possible reasons that’s why it is must that a person feel jealousy or envy for his enemy.

Even a person of high moral, ethical and characteristics standing cannot stop himself from being happy from suffering of his enemy.

2) It is also natural that we don’t want to be feel inferior that’s why when someone we know becomes superior in someway and we do not than due to jealousy or envy, we wish he should fall from his status or position.

3) When a person who is respected and followed by others sees that someone from his followers is becoming acknowledged and praised than he feels jealousy or envy because he thinks that this person respected and followed him and it could be that now he has to show same respect to him and even follow him.

4) When two people desire for a common and same thing than they become envy and jealous with each other without any reason, each speaker want that everyone should only listen to him, every student want that only he should be center of attention and focus of his teacher, every child desires that in all siblings only he gets all the love of his parents, every religious scholar want that only he should be approached for religious matters because every group have some common goal it becomes reason for envy and jealousy.

5) Some people want to be known as only one in their respective fields, grounds or capacities and if someone get acknowledged in same, they get jealous or envious due to this their status of one and only will cease to exist.

6) Some people are by nature characterless. This type of people will become jealous and envy with anyone without any proper reason. Whenever they see getting anyone acknowledged, the feel jealous.


The remedy for this sickness is that we should focus that who is afflicted from jealousy or envy, the person who is feeling jealous or the person whom he is jealous with.

It is visible that a person whom we are jealous of does not get affected as it is proof of him being superior and he get a reason to feel superior due to our jealousy against him and also when he knows that my opponent is jealous and envy due to my superiority and feel bad than he feels happy because nothing is more joyful to a person than knowing that his enemy is suffering due to him.

That’s why being envy or jealous with a person will not hurt him instead will make him happy.

Jealousy and envy also agonize the mind and agony increases with increase in this illness and as we can not declare and disclose it openly thats why it remains inside us and make us suffocate internally.

In order to cure this sickness, first, we have to realize that this thing we feel inside us is jealousy or envy and it is very gross and sordid attribute and no one will want such attribute to be present in him, the problem only arises when we did not consider such feeling as jealousy or envy as when we are given chance to examine a person who is our opponent and we only criticize him and do not take into notice his positive attributes and think that we are performing task of examination assign to us.

Never underestimate the power of jealousy and the power of envy to destroy. Never underestimate that. – Oliver Stone

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