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Anger beyond limit is devastating!

Anger is natural but anger beyond limit is devastating.

Humans are created in such a way that reasons for our end or expiry are both present inside and outside us.

Our bodies are feeding on ourselves continuously, therefore, we we need something for its replacement and our external enemies are from our own kind: humans.

In these circumstances, we also have to live for a certain time period in this world, therefore to be saved from both types of enemies, we are provided resources.

To stay safe from internal enemy, humans have desire of food due to which we consume food and this recover the portion of our body consumed in form of proteins, fats and calories.

To defend from external enemies belonging to our own human race, we are loaded with capability of anger.

This capability is such that when someone tries to harm us, this ability is quickly activated and make us ready to face the enemy.

Therefore, desire and anger both are present in humans naturally. Like every other force or ability, anger can also be classified in three types: Excessive, Deficient and Moderate.

Excessive means anger maximizes to such an extent that it gets out of limit and override our thinking, reasoning and judging abilities.

In this type, our intellectual wisdom and understanding skills are disabled and we have no control on what we do. This can be natural as some people are born hot tempered or it can be caused by external factors like a person born and raised between ignorant people, who take pride in being aggressive, rough, blood feuds and taking revenge and compare these malices with bravery, courage and valor.

In this form, anger appears on all parts, eyes become red, nostrils are spread, voice becomes heavy, bad words come out of mouth, hands start beating flour and walls, we break things and these effects does not remain externally but also infiltrate internally and hatred for the person whom we are angry with is established in our hearts and this illness get stronger and stronger.

Deficiency means that on certain occasions when we should and must get angry and we do not, which in other words are called cowardice, impotence, shamelessness, corruption and other features like these that also result in death of will present inside us that facilitates and promotes good and resist and stop evil after which if we see any person doing wrong, we do not feel anything about it and not consider it our duty to stop it from happening.

To save oneself from excessive and deficiency is moderation.

We should try to be moderate in our emotion of anger. As the real reason of anger is when we face resistance to acquire things which we like, want or desire. Therefore, first we should seek what are our wants and desires.

It can be of two types.

First ones are things which are necessary for our life like food, cloth, house etc. In these things, if we face resistance or hurdles, it is natural that we will get angry and we cannot stop it, to bring moderation in this situation means that we do not utilize our anger in bad manner, thus we should try to mitigate the resistance nobly in our way only and anger should not reflect on our face, color, voice or action.

The second category of our desires and wants are not necessities like fame, power, name, large sum of wealth, big assets etc. If anyone put resistance in acquiring these, we feel anger foolishly.

To be moderate in anger regarding these, we should try to remove these unnecessary things slowly and gradually which we have forcefully place in our likeness, desires and wants list so that we don’t feel anger when we face hurdles for these desires.

All different groups or parties of human that fight each other and have hatred for others, the cause of these fights and hatred are the pathetic desires and wants which we have made our necessities.

People want that everywhere they should be respected, whatever they say masses should listen them, people should follow them and they should be praised when any of these are not fulfilled, they feel anger but this anger is self produced and created by us if these foolish and silly desires were not present inside us than we will not feel anger on anything.

As these desires get bigger and connected to further small things, the anger also increases in size and we get out of control in even smallest and least important matters like if employee did not perform task in time, food is not enough salty or tasty, food is served late, someone do not listen to us etc.

An angry person get out of control in all matters because his desires have became limitless and each and every desire is so much precious to the person that he do not tolerate even a minute ignorance or carelessness in them.

Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy. – Aristotle

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