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PAKISTAN IDOL…(Entertainment OR a Slap to Ideology???)

A very unwanted feeling while I first heard it. When I Saw an add showcasing ‘Pakistan Idol’ with whirling bodies responding to soothing Music, “What the Hell is that?” was my first impression. Following the Western and Indian footsteps of a famous TV show, the whole scheme is planned for Pakistan now. It’s really not a surprise that GEO again hitting foundations of Pakistan.

What’s going to happen next? Holy auditions in which the young generation will apparently be dying to participate and become celebrity overnight. Judges will judge and pass their insight comments on people and selecting best voices that have a cutting edge attitude to contest for most Cool individual/best voice in Pakistan. A Dancing and singing Icon who will rock the stage and ultimately become identity and face of Pakistan. But the question is, does it really suits us and matches with overall thinking of our society? Was Pakistan created for this day? Does it fit to compliment word ‘Pakistan’ to associate in a singing/dancing show? I will explain my thinking in upcoming lines.

To second my thought of uneasiness about this show, I discussed it with my friends and colleagues and found that majority of them felt in the same way and disliked this idea. Young Generation is less convict as they are always waiting for something, some direction to follow and grabs opportunities overwhelmingly which comes their way. Teenagers, as we all know need guidance to distinguish between right and wrong. Majority of mainstream media just does not propagate the real Pakistani thought and culture and runs a race of RATINGS to attract the popularity within masses. So people run towards each opportunity, be it NACHLE or PAKISTAN IDOL…

What I understand Pakistan is??

1) A piece of land meant to be an Islamic Welfare state.

2) Pakistan mean ‘Pak’=Tayyab in Arabic & ‘istan’=Home, City or Place i.e. Madina in Arabic. When combined together, it become Taayyab Madina OR in other words Madina Tayyaba (Holy city of Saudi Arabia,s resting place of prophet S.A.W).

3) As per my understanding, our real heroes are likes of Hazrat Umer (R.A.)Khalid Bin Waleed (R.A), Tipu Sultan(R.A.),Tariq Bin Ziyad (R.A.),Muhammad Bin Qasim(R.A.), Jaber bin Hayyan, Allama Iqbal, Quaid-e-Azam, Jehangir Khan, Noor Khan, Arfa Karim Randhawa etc etc. Their accomplishments should be our source of guidance and idealism not INDIAN IDOL and STAR VOICE OF INDIA.

Adding to above, there are hundreds of such sacred things attached to Pakistan which have been witnessed throughout our History. So INDIAN IDOL type things really do not suit us. It’s not representing our background, aims, thoughts and culture. Still, today when our ship seems to be sinking, we see Grip of moral values and Islamist approach within our families. Unfortunately, this thinking is not depicted across the horizons and majority of media tries to follow Indian type format always propagating things against our culture and desires of masses.

In the absence of concrete training and direction to our nation, air of confusion and unsubstantiated entertainment is often aired by media specially GEO trying to replace above stated ideals/heroes with Dancing bunnies and attempting to create a hollow identity of our Nation. Being silent and letting them do whatever they want will not do any good for us. We can not control their initiatives but we can try to resist to the best of our capabilities. The concept of PAKISTAN IDOL is so Hurting and disturbing that I could not control myself to write this article as a sign of protest with a sense of Duty.

Pakistan ship seems to be sinking and media plays a great role by propagating crispy and negative stories about society (closing their eyes to many great and selfless attitudes within our people specially our Defense Institutions). The least we can do is to recognize our duty and obligation to this great motherland, we can try to block holes in this ship and stop hands of people making these holes. In this air of CHAOS and DISPARITY, my BOTTOM LINE for PAKISTAN IDOL show would be… pious word of ‘Pakistan’ to be removed from this show, GEO IDOL would be perfect word I suppose and then Enlightened moderates can enjoy as much as they can!

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