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Problems in Making Classroom Effective

Every Teacher wishes for an efficient and organized classroom.

Organized and efficient classrooms are neither grown nor grow like plants themselves.

Similarly, organized, efficient and integrated rooms are not present in themselves, nor can they exist without teachers’ efforts.

Effective and organized rooms are the result of toughness, eligibility, planning, dental consideration and continuous devotion of teachers.

Continuous monitoring and maintenance of students in the classroom, encouraging academic skills, and community-class conference rooms.

Teacher’s role is very important in making the environment of classroom satisfactory.

The transfer of information like a transfer of an item to a vessel from the empty vessel cannot be given the name of the teacher. Teaching is the name of preparing and providing people with talented, encouraging and knowledgeable training to build healthy society.

Teachers cooperate with success and action using Integrated and organized resources in the promotion of education and training skills.

Classroom management provides timely, suitable and appropriate use of auxiliary resources to help learn and manage teachers.

Knowledge of classroom management not only helps in improving the teacher’s teaching process in the classroom, but also provides key role in bringing students’ non-favorite behavior, promoting positive attitude and attitudes and growth rates.

Students of different classes are found in every classroom, each student’s behavior, competency and ability are different from all students in all respects.Teachers can propose an incredible environment in a classroom by their low effort, where a student can be educated in a non-feeling way.

The following describes the reasons for which the classroom environment and the atmosphere are affected.

• The concept of effective party is impossible without keeping in view the student’s educational needs and providing students with a focused educational environment.

• Controlling and non-interest of teachers in adoption of inappropriate planning and adopting new educational ideas and trends is a major obstacle in the room management system.

• Affiliation between students and teachers and Students ban on access to teachers upset the community environment.

• Teachers do not use teaching opportunities in an experimental manner, disadvantages of educational resources and student interest and attitudes of educational activities, as well as disadvantages in the formation of effective rooms.

• If the teacher’s interest in teaching is only to earn a handsome salary then he/she can’t make the classroom effective and the worship of the book becomes just an idea.

In 1999, Cremeers and Reezigt has identified four factors that have been responsible for setting up a classroom environment and to raise students’ accountability, which are below.

• Expectations of student’s learning outcome

• Orderly Classroom environment

• Physical environment of the classroom

• Healthy relationships between teachers and pupils,positive and loving behavior among students.

According to Mike Hopkins, the classroom organization and layout of the room is subject to the teacher’s educational needs and desired educational requirements. Ask students’ suggestions at the time of configuration so that they can enhance organizational skills and improve the atmosphere of the room.

By following the above instructions, effective teaching and learning can be made in the room environment environmentally and interesting.

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