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The holic of ilk…

While some still love cackling over brunch at expensive bistros, Sunday mornings have become dull for many households.

Ever wondered why some restaurants still remain open while others close down after midnight? Perhaps it’s because they understand that there’s more to life than making money.

The passage of time is nothing more than the music which plants make. And who can understand this better than the wanderer who drags himself along while staring at fallen leaves and recalling relations lost.

Ever wondered how an old moon feels while giving itself to the hands of a new one before it dies out in time? It feels as if only yesterday our parents had bought toys for us to cherish the chirp of our happiness and be surrounded by laughter while today we break those toys to make room for new ones. It’s true then, that the tools we use to live life by change slower than our skeletons.

While completing TV episodes and seasons is an achievement, direct contact with the eyes of a stranger feels awkward. Honey bees are extremely hard workers for themselves and sting well to guard their honor. Nevertheless, this hard work will always be depicted as cheap labor to the end user. Same is the case with the homosapean; instead of understanding the norm that there’s a moment behind every moment, we crave for pleasure and pain time and again, but in the end it’s the striking dagger of self-actualization that matters.

While every person has a dream, every dream has a person. We simply get educated out of creativity and we realize it when we give a street beggar the crisper note out of the bundle and keep the crashed ones for ourselves.

Perhaps the greatest walk out of pain and dive into pleasure is to experience these moments of truth. Standing abandoned amid the sea in darkness and screaming out for help to kill the misery of being unattended while no one responds is the best way to describe the state of affairs the final resort shall present to you.

And surely, one fine day, it will all come to an end. Till then, keep inspiring !

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