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The importance of physical fitness

The importance of physical fitness is yet to be deeply discovered as only a handful of the people get an opportunity to explore their talents. There is an acute lack of formal sports education with playgrounds and courts in Pakistan. Only elite, who have memberships in clubs like Marina club, Golf club and Creek club, get a chance to be to physically fit with proper instructors. What about others?

Schools that are said to be the perfect secondary socialisation institutes as well as the best education provider for the growing children, many at times lack physical activity or if so then not on a major training level. This is for those who can afford schools but there millions in Pakistan who cannot and thus they are deprived of us a concept of learning sports. These young boys and girls are not only malnourished but also substantially weak by body and resistance level for exercises or any activity. They require play grounds where they could practice their sport, if not recognizing their innate sportsman they could at least have a healthy childhood.

The rare existence of such proper parks where these children as well as adults could be trained has given a birth to the street play culture, where boys of different age groups gather to play cricket or football. Since Pakistan is a nation who is emotionally fond of cricket for so long it is mostly cricket for people like that. Had there been grounds with well-maintained pitches and kit there would have been a better future for Pakistan cricket team. It is just not for one sport but for many others like Hockey, Tennis, badminton, scotch and volleyball etc. A major chunk of the population, women, are deprived of this facility in our society. Very few girls have the accessibility of this sports facility and masses sit at home in disillusionment. If country girls sit back where would that leave our rural sisters? Therefore, it is essential and an utmost responsibility of the government to provide several well-maintained sport training centres as well as grounds and courts to practice for all.

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