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Paradise is not a place, it’s a state of mind..

Allah created this world as a paradise. He created human as the best of his creation. He then created pairs for his every creation to complement each other and for a better understanding. For instance; male- female, good-evil, success- failure, fire-water and many more to list. But we have forgotten all about his paradise only what we

For instance, as stated in our holy book Husband and wife are each other CLOTHES meaning protection, clearness and covering. But who remembers this.

In my work environment Ali (married) flirts with the colleagues, share his personal life and goes out for lunch and sometimes for dinner with them. It is acceptable to an extent. His wife Safina living in the fool’s paradise thinks that her husband his working hard earning bread and butter for the family.  With the passage of time Ali’s secret unfolds, and he thinks that Safina should take it casually, and should not react or misunderstand.

When this news circulated in the office, and Ali was persistent that Safina should be cool, I interrupted by saying “what if the roles were reversed.” A silence was observed.

Then I added, “You would start calling your wife, a slut who is seeking pleasure outside”. The rule for taking it casually will disappear. Safina will end up losing her family and respect. But as for you nothing of this sort will occur everything around will be the same. Double standard man and I headed to my department and saw the invitation of the year end party of your company.

I started thinking of that one incident that I couldn’t forget from last year. It was such that all the Heads of different branches were mingling with each other. Out of them few were married and few of were females.

Everybody was having a nice time but all the men’s were focused on mingling with Sabeen, Amna, and Rukiya. They were quite bold, beautiful and strong women group of our company. They were open about their smoking and drinking habits. Everybody was busy pampering them and not losing an opportunity to be close to them.

Rukiya was waiting for Hammad anxiously.  She was in a relationship with Hammad. Hammad had been out of country for the past 4 months for some product training. They had no contact since then.

When Hammad entered the party, Rukiya went running towards him and then suddenly she stopped. A lady followed Hammad; she was his wife. Rukiya’s world collapsed.  She fell on the ground and then other colleagues helped her on the chair.

Hammad ignorant towards Rukiya was busy introducing his wife Ambreen. She was a submissive kind of a person who could be suppressed and dominated. This kind of a place was new to her. She was feeling like a fish out of water. She was sitting on one table with her glass of juice, while Hammad was smoking and boozing off with the heads group, without even once feeling for his wife’s insecurities. At that time I realized, no matter how much these men associate with bold women they will always need a bird without wings as their wife.

As I was coming over the nostalgia, my phone started ringing. It was my mom on line, telling me about the protest that had started in the city against electricity prices. Then I told the office peon to tell the office point driver to be ready as we will leave soon.

On the way home my friend Mahvish told me about her friend Zubaida’s marriage dilemma.  Zubaida, husband Akbar has a nature of being less communicative, more work focused, and lives in his own world. . He never messages her even if she is not feeling well. If Zubaida calls or messages it is a conversation of two words from his side.

With time Akbar finds his female friend Faryal. He communicates daily with her from 9-5. They share everything. He doesn’t miss a message without replying.

Over this whole scenario Zubaida asked what’s going on. Akbar stated they are just good friends who share a past. When Zubaida said fine then why don’t you share your past/ present problems with Adeel, on daily basis he didn’t reply? On hearing this Akbar called her conservative, and orthodox minded.

Mahvish added, when Zubaida would be friendly with her male cousins Akbar would get pissed. So she started avoiding them to avoid misunderstandings between the two.

Then I inquired now has anything changed about her husband, Mahvish replied,” no”, it’s just that Zubaida has started living with the idea of her husband of GOOD FRIENDS.  To end

Man always wants the people around him to live in his setup, where nobody has a say.

He is the commander making everybody Live in his created “PARADISE”.

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