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Lessons from Lodhran

A timely wakeup call for both Imran khan and PTI.

A Lesson for Imran Khan and PTI, if you violate your own principle of anti-dynasty politics you can’t win election.

Result of NA-154 By-Election an eye opener for PTI and Imran Khan before it’s too late. PTI should re-consider their policies and tactics. PTI still need to learn an art to win an election.

Something somewhere had gone horrible wrong, Imran Khan should be worried. “Mujhay Kyun Nikala“  narrative aimed at keeping the PML-N vote bank intact has Shaken PTI and its supporters.

Imran Khan, however, is still relying on his old rants, complaining about corruption of the ruling elite and singing the rigging song.

PTI leadership and ticket aspirants need a serious jolt of caffeine and should not waste any time to start constituency based politics.

PTI parliamentary board is selecting candidates for 2018 General Elections and I think, this time, they should award tickets to people who are active in their respective constituencies and have their roots in people.

If they are not, ask them to go directly to public,  listen to people’s problems .

Imran Khan should tell his party men to focus more on a door to door campaign than appearing on talk-shows.

A common man thinks that Imran Khan is the only hope at current situation but his team doesn’t know the art of how to interact with public.

Taking selfies with Imran Khan and just attending talk shows can’t translate into success in elections, the sooner they realize the better.

In my view, they always expect Imran Khan to come to every constituency and campaign personally for every candidate, which in my eyes, gives voters a message that the ones they will elect are nothing without Imran Khan.

They need to prove their own worth to their voters and serve people in a way that they eye them as their saviours.

After 2013 GE,  PTI did everything to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen in 2018 elections and emerge victorious for blaming other parties for rigging won’t just do the trick.

For last three years, Khan has insisted  that his party will form next federal government and will bring the much needed change.

Colorful rallies were held and PTI pulled large crowds in all their rallies but they must keep in mind that such rallies are only good at motivating an existing voter base.

Rallies are a poor means of measuring support and persuading new voters of a party worth.

A larger rally in a city, where perhaps 100,000 people turn up, only represents a fraction of the total vote where each constituency has up to 350,000 registered voters.

Same thing happened in NA-154, PTI lost  about 27,000 votes according to provisional results.

20000 to 25000 margin win for any party in each constituency will create huge impact in General Election 2018.


The battle is lost but the real war lies ahead, PTI must fight again and fight harder.

Lesson is blowing in the wind for PTI “think, understand and do something…. time is short and Islamabad is too far.”

As long as you keep learning from your defeats you will always keep coming back and get stronger all the time.

However, it is better to foresee shortcomings and amend them before it is too late. Ignoring obvious problems is never a good strategy.

Learn quickly and act fast because nation can’t afford another failure of Imran Khan… not any more.

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