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Top 10 programming languages of 2017

Dozens of programming languages come to existence every year, out of those a few survive and rest disappears. Several platforms conduct surveys to know which programming language is most widely used. Github API is one of great sources about programming languages’ usage stats.

According to github Javascript is the most widely used programming language.

Here is my list of top 10 programming languages of this year.


10. C#

C# is an object-oriented type-safe programming language. C# is a programming language featured by Microsoft. This is widely used with Asp.Net Framework. C# Ranks at number 10 according to git-hub with more than 273K+ active repositories all time.


Shell is a scripting language designed to be run by the Unix-shell. Shell scripts mainly perform operations such as file manipulation, program execution and more system level tasks. Shell is Ranks at number 9 according to github with more than 222K+ active repositories all time.

8. C

C is a high level structural programming language with tons of great features. Its limited keywords and brilliant speed makes it likeable in embedded system programming. C is also considered the first choice by operating system developers. This is C ranked 8th, with 292K+ repos all time.

7. C++

C++ was an addition to C. Its mostly used in Operating system, embed hardware, Internet of things, Database engines, image processors. Raked 7th this year, with 333K+ all time repos.


Ruby is a scripting language with expressive features. its mostly used in web technologies. Ranked 6th this year with all time 670K+ repositories.

5. PHP

PHP is considered the Queen of World Wide Web. This is the most used language for web technologies for all time. Still around 30% of web being developed in various frameworks of PHP. It ranked 5th this year with 525K+ repos all time.

4. CSS

CSS is styling language that defines the design of a web page. The awesome web page designs we see daily, can never be completed without the CSS. It’s the 4th most used language this year with all time 394K+ repositories.


Python is a widely used high level scripting language. Its mostly used in web technologies. It was ranked 3rd this year. It has 604K+ active repos.


Java is high level programming language most widely used globally. It involves in mobile development, web development, embedded systems, enterprise application development. There are around 3 billion devices running Java. It ranked 2nd this year with around 1.15 million active repos.


The King of in the list of top 10 programming languages is JavaScript, its a client-side scripting language.

Modern web can be imagined without java script. It would be dead pages if we throw out java-script from our web. Their won’t be any interactivity.

JS is ranked top this year. JS is emerging day-by-day. It has around 100 frameworks and 1000+ libraries being used. Github stat says it has 1.25 million repositories active with JS.

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