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In these times of ours when Time itself seems to have had enough of the shenanigans of puny mortals, and is out of patience with the mediocrity of our speech, the shallowness of our thoughts, the sheer vanity of our desires, the materialism of our ambitions, and therefore eludes and evades us by passing too quickly, by tiring us out too soon, by getting us bogged down with the monotony and mundaneness of living and plays double trick on us that time and time again we exclaim “Dear, where does the time fly.” We don’t do things for simple pleasure, because of the supposed paucity of time we try to do a lot at one time (multitask) or do one thing while thinking about the other and so on with the obvious result or not doing either thing in good form and deriving zero pleasure, in factevery action every task becomes a burden which needs to be done and put down as soon as possible. This goes for reading as well. Since the lack of time is felt by almost everyone, reading (a leisurelyexercise) cannot be done hastily at least we have not yet evolved to that level yet but Ill come to it later. so what do we do? we dont read. And why should we anyway? Isn’t it a bit archaic to be bogged down in a tome while the one liner information bars on the net tell us everything we need to know and feel well nourished intellectually.

To read for pleasure is a purely relaxing and meditating experience. You are transported to another place, another time, and meet people you may never have come across in your life. It is truly an adventure of the old fashioned kind where you don’t really have to dress up to show off, don’t need much just a comfy chair and a good book and yes a hot cup of tea or should i make that endless hot cups of tea. It is lonesome pleasure which we all yearn for but never quite know how to get, start reading an interesting book and you will never be bored and starved for company.

But, with so many choices how do we know what is an interestingbook or what would speak to us, and then there are numerous books that are way too hard to read or plain boring but must be read to understand a lot that is written after them, because significant books in history have shaped human thought and books continue to do so today. So to understand and truly enjoy them certain background knowledge is needed to come close to the work to truly comprehendthe words and meanings of the writers.

My advice is to become familiar with the great works of literature and try to read them first to get an understanding of how things and thoughts were in the previous centuries and then move forward to the present. Well this by no means a strict code, reading can be approached anyway as long as the first book is picked up and opened.

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