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Another Zainab Silenced…..

Another morning, another tragedy.

Rape and murder of innocent Zainab Ansari, who went to her aunt’s home for Quran classes, has shaken the nation and provoked mass protests.

On her way she had been abducted by a stranger, who kept her for several days, raped her and finally strangled to death.

Her body was found by 2-3 km away from home where the murderer dumped it on a pile of rubbish.

Zainab would have been saved if the police had acted immediately. According to her family, who was in Makkah when she got abducted and murdered, police didn’t cooperate appropriately which lead to the loss of their daughter.

This was really a tragic incident, although it’s not a first one but infuriated people more than ever.

Over 700 incidents of such nature have been reported from Kasur in the last three years.

This was also the 12th case of sexual abuse of a child reported from within this particular area in the year 2017.

This time, like every such case, notices taken by Government especially by Chief Minister but everybody knows nothing has happened in the past to such killers, neither arrest nor his fearsome punishment.

If the victim will get justice and accused get punished, no such cases will be reported at all.

So what now, should parents stop sending their children to school, should they refrain from allowing kids to play outside??

Yes, because it’s only parents who are wholly solely responsible for the safety and security of their children.

There is a failed state and government, dead and apathetic society, no law and order; every place is perilous for children.

There are no human beings but ferocious animals are roaming in streets, which are there to eat them out.

There is no security for people who are alive but funerals will get foolproof security, common man has nothing to do with safety but VIPs are bound to have it.

Important thing is to develop a society where children feel themselves safe. Government and law enforcement agencies should prioritize the security needs.

Otherwise killing of innocents Zainabs will never stop.

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