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A child labourer’s Eid

Eid is a very special event for us Muslims but Due to our “busy schedule” we do not get time to meet our loved ones very often, but Eid is an ocassion which every Muslim eagerly awaits as it’s the time when we get opportunity to meet near and dear ones.

On this wonderful day, I met a child labourer and want to share his story.

A a boy from Faisalabad. Aaliyan, a 13 year old labourer has been working at a coffee shop since last five years.

As my friend is a coffee lover, we decided to have some at this spot. It was the third day of Eid, and Aaliyan was busy delivering coffee to the customers in their luxury cars.

I was intrigued by this boy and thought of interviewing him there. When we started chatting, his employer tried to stop him but I convinced him to let Aaliyan talk to me for a few more minutes.

In this small rendezvous, my main motive was to understand why was he working while others of his age would still be enjoying Eid.

Aaliyan, a teenage boy, has worked in different coffee shops for several years now. His parents enrolled him at a school nearby but after few weeks due to financial crisis he was forced to leave school and start working.

Aaliyan’s mother works as a maid and his father is a rickshaw driver.

He has three brothers and two Sisters. None of his brothers are educated and all three of them work at same coffee shop whereas his sisters are studying at a local school. The fact which was weird, or rather upsetting for me, was why even on Eid this kid kept working all day & night.

Likewise, I questioned him and he told me that like every other kid on Eid he, too, desired to play with his friends, hang out with them and eat out and have fun with cousins. But it is around Eid days that customers frequent our coffee shop more.

So more manpower is required and the tips and Eidi is also phenomenally more. Thus, from generous customers, I have a chance to earn way more than my regular one month salary.

He further expressed his helplessness by stating his tragic economic condition as for him and his family even a single rupee counts. Therefore, this little boy here went ahead to sacrifice his own wishes and dreams at Eid just so that he could feed his family, give them a good

Therefore, this little boy here went ahead to sacrifice his own wishes and dreams at Eid just so that he could feed his family, give them a good Eid and fulfil his sisters’ dream of gaining a good education.

All Aaliyan wants, after all, is a life where he can earn some respect and never have to beg for basic necessities, especially not on Eid.

There are several Aaliyans in different parts of this world and may have more or less the same story to offer with varied plights as the background. Albeit in the first place they shouldn’t be working at this age at all, I hope that henceforth we make an oath to provide for at least one of them their festive basics so that they can finally not have to worry about taking a day off and enjoy the occasion like the rest of us.

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