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Things to remember on women’s day

“On International Women’s Day, let us all pledge to do everything we can to overcome entrenched prejudice, support engagement and activism, and promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.”

— UN Secretary-General, AntónioGuterres.

Women across the globe are mistreated every day, whether it’s in terms of rape, domestic violence, honor killing or acid throwing. The injustice varies from society and culture but the demise happens.

Since the beginning, women in Pakistan chiefly in the rural setback have been considered inferior to men. At times, they face restrictions on acquiring something as noble as education, whereasothers face hard times with family on settling fora life partner by choice.

It’s upsetting to note that a woman, who is granted paradise beneath her feet by the Almighty Himself, is mistreated to the extent that her life remains under jeopardy or in worst situations – she falls prey to suicide.

More than a thousand cases of honor crimes were reported last year, and about 160 women falling from lower-middle class aged between 20 – 50have been the victim of this heinous crime of acid throwing in Pakistan alone this year.

Several beautiful and intelligent women are left disfigured after the acid attacks, they are shunned away from having a happily ever after.

Saba, a 17-year-old from Sahiwal was asleep when three suspects entered the house and threw acid on her. The mind-boggling part being the government’s fail attempts in taking any rapid measures to curb out the malice and combat against these negative elements.


The Human Rights Activist Malala Yousufzai was severely injured in a gun attack by Talibans back in 2012, solely because she refused to agree on the demands of terrorists and pursued her education.

She took a stand for herself, but every other day, girls are held captive or married to men twice their age. Generally, the degree of matriculation classifies a person as being literate.

Pakistan has a 58.7% literacy rate which is even lower than Nepal and Bangladesh, with literacy rates of 64.7 and 61.5 percent respectively. Educating women is imperative, for a literate woman knows the importance of education and the integral role it plays in life.

A knowledgeable woman holds the key to an culturedand sophisticated generation.

Another case that made waves all over the media was of Ambreen from Abottabad who was drugged, killed and then burned to ashes, the reason behind it was that the16 year old helped a friend escape village solely to marry the man of her choice. In what way, could killing a woman just because she helped another be justified?

To be honest – the term jahalat fits these monsters perfectly. Is death the sole solution to every problem?


Mukhtaran Mai – the woman is considered an epitome of courage. People who are unaware of her tale should know that she was gang raped by four men and then dragged naked across the village. She was sexually assaulted by these men of Mastoi tribe in a response to settle a discord between her elders. Though her news became an international story and spread like a wildfire – the injustice that happened to her can never be rationalized.

The question remains as to why such heart wrenching cases not be dealt justly with by the law?

Why can’t all the rape cases, acid victims, honor killing cases or any other tragedy that has left numerous women facing death or left their honor at stake be taken into account and the responsible elements be held accountable and brought to justice right before the public?

Different NGO’s are banking money which isn’t yielding any fruitful results. Above all, what is our government doing to eradicate this hatred against the fair sex?

Severe rules and stern actions are required, in order to make the women of homeland walk with their head held high and with their honor restored.

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