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International Women’s Day – Tribute By A Woman For All Women

It is the principle of universe that nature braces who really wants to move forward, who longs for the sky, which yearns for novelty and betterment.

The day 8 March, is a day of celebration for the most beautiful yet termed as the most fragile creature of the earth – that is, ‘Woman’.

People come and leave, only those remain immortal who do something for others. Woman is the top list entity because she brings up her family and wheels the nation’s economy.

Women are the real architects of society.
~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

Time is a great crucible. It has made her learn how to be strong. So, called conventions can’t paralyze her ability. On International Women’s Day (aka: IWD) 2017, the UNESCO theme is ‘Be Bold for Change’. This very theme implies that women can be readied for change and can accept change – no matter what & when.

All the universe follows natural order, the role of opposites’, sky and earth, air and fire, flower and thorn, man and woman. The woman is the very foundation of a family, a society and with that extension for the entire nation. Family is a basic societal stone. It is a woman who turns a house into home – a worth living place, full of peace and affection.

Woman has power and natural talent to combat like a man, but she is at home in emotional approaches. Where to use, which sentiment to show, all of these arts she knows very well. Most of the time, she is more expressive than man. And, this is the reason she becomes an eternal weakness of man.

At times a woman can be impatient but soon adjusts herself to the situation. She dwells in pain and misery for her family and never demands reciprocation. A woman has many shades of her life & personality and she is colorful in each one.

As a mother, sister, daughter and wife – she fits in most perfectly that one can imagine. She has natural tendency to unify the things and human beings as well. In short, she accepts challenges just to conquer.

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.
~ Hillary Clinton

Woman has proved that she is the best counsellor because she takes things critically. She has not been merely a domestic queen, but she has been plunged into the outside world too. Everybody knows the difference between Black and White, but she distinguishes gray matters as well. She harmonizes between the extremes, between imagination & reality, art & science, and home & office.

By birth, she is a raw stone and it is dependent upon her family and the society as to how finally she is carved into. A woman in every role is a solace of a still and tranquil heart, a scented meadow or grave forest. And, finally if challenged a woman can move the mountains

Being proud to be a part of the nature as a Woman, I wish a very happy & merry International Women’s Day to all my woman friends here and beyond!!!

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