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A Poetic Depiction of our Country

Poetry is immortal. The true test for a piece of literature, be it poetry or prose, is itsrelevancefor the time it is read in. Several hundreds of poets have lived before us, who were so immensely gifted that they virtually penned the future of the nations.

Starting from Rumi, to Iqbal, to Faraz, to Jalib, and many others, whose works are still alive and may remain so till the end of eternity. Their poetry will probably never dies; in fact it was never created to die. Poetry is eternal.

Today, I am writing this piece, when a series of suicide blasts has already enclosed this beloved country. Starting from the Mall Road Blast, and the most recent one on the shrine of Qalander.

Among all these unfortunate incidents, the common thing is the massacre of innocent people.

I recently read through the famous poem of Mr. Noon Meem Rashid, titled “Zindagi say Dartay ho?” (Are you afraid of life?), which for me, carried a sense of hope and optimism in its words.

But after these attacks, I felt the optimism that once resonated in the words of Rashid Sb, melt down in the heat of these suicide bombs.

Zindagi se dartay ho? Zindagi to tum bhi ho, zindagi tau ham b hen.

Yes, we are afraid of life and we are afraid to live. We are afraid of the life which every other person breathes. Yes, we are afraid.

Admi se dartay ho? Admi to tum bhi ho, Admi tau ham b hen.

Yes, we are afraid of every individual standing right next to us. We are afraid of every other person who is a stranger to us. We have lost the ability to decide who is a humane person and who isn’t. We are afraid of our very own being.

Admi zuban bhi hy, admi biyan bhi hy us se tu nahi dartay.

Yes, we are afraid because admi is capable of much more than speech and expression.

Harf or maani k rishta haye aahan se, aadmi hy wabasta.

Rashid sb, you have forgot that these are the times when only what they do is associated with persons, and not what they say.

Admi k daman se, zindagi hy wabasta, us se tum nahi dartay.

But so is death, and not just of one but of so many more.

Un-kahi se dartay ho? Jo abhi nahi ai us ghari se dartay ho?

Yes, we are afraid to take a single step in our lives because it might be the last one that we take.


Us ghari ki aamad ki aagahi se dartay ho?

Yes, we are afraid to witness another unfortunate day in our lives where we hear the news of so many lives ending.

Yes, we are afraid of these terrible times approaching us some unfortunate day.

Pehle bhi tau guzray hen, daur na-rasai k be ria kkhudai k

Each day we live by the blessings of divine. But it is only now that we have started to realize it.

Phir bhi ye samajhtay ho, haich aarzu mandi,Keh shab-e-zuban bandi, hy rah-e-khudawandi

Because we prefer to remain silent, and all daywe pray for ourselves, and for our loved ones, as He, the omnipotent one, is the only hope we have.

Tum magar ye kia jaano, lab agar nahi hiltay, Hath jag uthtay hen, raah ka nishan ban kar, noor ki zuban ban kar,

Haath bol uthtay hen, subhu ki azaan ban kar

Rashid Sb, we very well know what happens when we are constrained from speaking.This is what we are facing right now. Our actions might do us some good, but right now they are just being fatal instead.

Roshni se dartay ho? Roshni to tum bhi ho, roshni tau ham b hen.

I can only witness darkness all around. I yearn to see the light that you claim we all are.

Roshni se dartay ho.

I see no light around myself. There is only darkness.

Sheher ki faseelon par, diyo ka jo saya tha, paak ho gya aakhir,

Not yet Rashid Sb. The shadow and fear of terrorism sleeps with each one of us like an unbidden partner. You are wrong Rashid Sb, the fear is still there in every heart.

Raat ka libada bhi, chaak ho gya aakhir, khaak ho gy aakhir

Rashid Sb, there are dark nights after nights. The veil of darkness is not getting torn, and innocent people are succumbing to that darkness

Aydaham-e-insaan se fard ki nawa ai, zaat ki sada ai,

All we are hearing is screams and shouts of those becoming victims of attacks. The inner self is calling us to not go out of our houses.

Rah-e-shok men jese, rah-ro ka khoon lapkay, Ik naya janoon lapkay,

No one wanted to be sacrificed. They all wanted to go back to their homes safe to spend time with their families.

Aadmi challak uthay,Aadmi hasay dekho, sheher phir basay dekho,

We have lost the ability to laugh. Our hearts are bleeding and our souls are ruptured. We are crying from inside. Our cities are ablaze. You are wrong Rashid Sb.

Tum abhi se dartay ho?

Yes, we are afraid. I am afraid. We are afraid of what it is now. And no one could stir optimism in us at this time.

The only reason for the pessimistic answers given to all these optimistic lines of Rashid Sahab is what our country and her people are going through right now.

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