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Desire is the most important factor in the success of any athlete

Desire, practice, faith, persistence and durability are some elements that create revolutionary athletes. They step up; they stand tall, play game and create an unforgettable name in the history. They become an epitome of the game they play. Some of them are a source of inspiration to many; names like Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Cathy Freeman and Ben Hogan do not go amiss in a fan-vocabulary.

Sports stars are well-renowned and most visible people of the world. Great famous athletes, whether they are footballers, cricketers, basketball or baseball players or rugby players they put in a significant amount of their energy and time in perfecting their expertise. Breeze through the list of the famous ones to find out more about these timeless legends.

Muhammad Ali, a legend of professional boxing is primarily famous for knocking out Sony Liston, a heavyweight champion, at the age of only 22.  His toughness, unreal quickness, strength and built had no match, he won 56 boxing matches among which 37 were knockouts.  The most prominent and interesting matches were against George Foreman and Liston.

Next on the list is Sir Donald Bradman, also known as The Don, is the Australian cricketer famous for his batting skills in Test matches. He rose heroically from a bush cricketer to a magnificent test team player. 99.94 is his often quoted Test batting average.  He is one of the most influential bodies of today for cricket junkies.   

Following him is another big name in the sports world called Ben Hogan. He is an ideal Golf player and is mostly commemorated for his “gold swing theory” and his ball strikes. He is a man whose legacy spreads across borders, he is a titleholder of nine major championships. This achievement includes him in being one of the five golf players who had won such prestigious championships.

After this, on list we have Mike Gerard Tyson. He is also often called Iron Tyson and is eminent for beating his challenger with one blow. His resilient prominent performance got him to the pinnacle of success and now is regarded as one of the prodigious punchers of the world.

Lastly, Steffi Graf, a German tennis player who has 107 titles, 22 Grand Slams and 4 Olympic medals in a 17 year old career. She fiercely dominated the tennis court and in 1999 she was awarded ‘Female Sports Award of the last Decade’ by ESPY with many other awards such as ‘Prince of Asturias Award’, which is one of the most chief honours of Spain. She embodies women strength and is considered to be the greatest female tennis player of all times.

The list goes on with big names such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon, Jackie Robinson, Arthur Ashe, Didrikson Zaharias and many more. Their struggle, hard work and strong desire lead them to be stars. These people have given millions to look back at, cherish and celebrate sports and the legends it created for eternity. 

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