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India’s Edifice of Lies

In the epoch of information technology it has become increasingly difficult for even educated people to sift truth from propaganda.

Though on the one hand revolution in the realm of technology has enabled man to access information with a single press of a button, the same hasexposed mento a media dominated world that isreplete with disinformation campaigns undertaken by vested interests in pursuit of their hidden agenda.

This cloudy situation and ambiguity has rendered job of researchers and policy makers more complicated and daunting which inevitably leads to faulty analysis and ultimately to flawed, biased and potentially dangerous policies.

In this regard one of the most pressing yet highly miss understood and miss attributed issues is the menace of terrorism. Our primary purpose here is not to delve into the long history of terrorism per se but to unravel and uncover the propaganda and profusion of misinformation around it.

The horrific incident of 9/11 led United States to launch war against terrorism. Fully cognizant of the severity of threat posed to global peace by terrorism, Pakistan joined the anti-terror campaign as a major non-Nato front line ally of US.


Despite crippling internal challenges like economic and political constraints, Pakistan Army whole heartedly dedicated itself to the cause of peace by launching multifarious operations, including the ongoing Operation Zarb e Azb against terrorists and their hideouts in the tribal region bordering Afghanistan and over the course of time rendered unmatched sacrifices for the realization of peace and stability in the region with huge success.

While Pakistan’s strong urge to purge terrorists earned her international praise and recognition, some jealous and anti-Pakistan elements within and across the borders in a bid to hide their own failures and misdoings, inanely and deviously casted aspersions on Pakistan and accused it of playing double games in the war on terror. Predictably, Pakistan’s arch rival India took the lead role in this smear propaganda and hurled unsubstantiated allegations on Pakistan.

In this regard, Indian lobby in US along with some US congress men, notorious for their long history of malicious conspiraciesagainst Pakistan strived hard to get anti-Pakistan narratives across the globe.

To achieve this end, the campaignersleft no stone unturned to defame Pakistan and trivialize its sacrifices in the war on terror. Among others, India’s pet and corporate media was effectively employed to constantly spread misinformation to shape international opinion that is unreasonably critical of Pakistan.

But as it is said lies have short legs, truth triumphed over lie, sanity prevailed over insanity of Indian PM Modi and Pakistan emerged untainted due to its legitimate and truthful stance on terrorism and unflinching resolve to eradicate the menace.

But to the chagrin of peace lovers, India’s unsubstantiated allegations and utter lies against Pakistan know no limits. Inspite of the fact that the same lies have been debunked many a times, India is undeterred in its malicious campaigns against Pakistan. By building the edifice of lies, India inanely tries to hide its unprecedented human rights violations in Jammu & Kashmir.

In this regard the most recent case in hand, the veracity of which was questioned by many, is the dubious ‘surgical strike’ that Indian military claimed to have carried out inside Pakistan administered Kashmir.

Moreover, India’s evil attempts to demonize the indigenous freedom movement in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir by associating it with terrorism is even more ominous. India is desperately trying to suppress dissenting voices in Kashmir by calling the legitimate freedom movement in Indian Occupied Kashmir as ‘Pakistan sponsored terrorism’.

By so doing India seeks to avoid international criticism for unleashing a reign of terror against Kashmiris who are up against Indian occupation forces. These Indian allegations stand no ground when seen in the light of the criticism levelled against Pakistan by terror outfit named Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) in ‘Jihad of Kashmir: A Call to Reflection & Action’.

Contrary to Indian allegations against Pakistan, AQIS,  in a rather scathing criticism of Pakistan has expressed its anger against Islamic Republic of Pakistan for not backing ‘jihad’ in Kashmir against Indian forces.

This is vindication of Pakistan’s long held stance that it does not support any jihadi groups as claimed by India to justify its inhuman laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). Such notorious laws provide complete impunity to Indian forces to kill Kashmiri people on whim or mere suspicion.



States like India which are unreasonably hostile towards Pakistan and critical of its efforts need to realize that terrorism is a global issue to be dealt with collectively.

Terrorism being the weapon of weak, can be traced to the unresolved socio-political issues. Therefore, it’s imperative that states amicably resolve all such disputes which can jeopardize global peace if left unresolved any further.

In conclusion, while Pakistan has always extended hand of cooperation and offered unconditional dialogue with India for the resolution of all outstanding issues, including the festering Kashmir dispute, the latter has always sought excuses to avoid any meaningful dialogue.

To this end, India frequently presents self-serving preconditions for talks andresorts to false flag attacks soas to cunningly accuse Pakistan of terrorism and to back out from table talks. Under hawkish Indian PM Modi, this stubborn behavior of India has become even more frequent and intensethusrendering any meaningful dialogue with India a distant dream.

Realizing this evasive behavior of India, Pakistan deems it indispensable to urge international community and third part like UN to help resolve Pakistan’s long standing dispute over Kashmir with India but India’s inflated ego, rooted in India’s self-conception of a regional hegemonic power, which stands above international law is hurt by Pakistan’s legitimate and consistent demand for resolution of Kashmir dispute as per United Nations Security Council Resolution.


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