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I am single and not missing anything in life

From the moment a baby girl starts crawl her family especially her mother inclined to dream her daughter’s matrimony. Her family keep repeating to her that one day she has to go “Aglay Ghar” and a girl whole life is used up in figuring out which home is exactly she belongs to…

It’s the 21st century but how disappointing it is that majority of the females around the globe are still deprived of the status of human being… Being human, women surely have right to live up their dream life the way they wish to…Aren’t they? I wonder why females are more susceptible when it comes to marriage. For a girl, why getting wedded as early as possible is so much decisive even when she is not at all ready for it and holds some other valuable plans for her own life?

We all know that commodities not fully sold in season are set on “off season grand sale”. This is just to get rid of leftover stock not in soaring demand anymore. People rush to grab their favorite piece on discounted price…It sounds pretty fancy for the products like costumes, foot wears, accessories and other consumer items. Sorry to say but fact of the matter is that nowadays, people out there have started to perceive females as commodities too… If a girl doesn’t rush to marriage in her early twenties and somehow reach the age of thirty or thirty plus she is being considered as leftover and worthless…

Marrying the right person can altogether change one’s life. How ironic it is that our so called well-wishers out there are more concerned about our marriage? It’s pragmatic that society and close connections are more inclined to your marriage rather than you.

If you are not married on time, they will try their level best to make you feel awkward & unwanted… And it becomes more complicated when your family actually reacts to so called well wishers tittle-tattle and make you accountable and fretful… At times a girl is abused to the extent that either she landed up either choosing or forced to marry any random unsuitable guy from the available options in hurry and thus ended up turning her life into hell.

Situations turn nastiest when an educated, good looking, noble and sophisticated girl is single for long time… All her capabilities, well-being and accomplishments are blow up in no time when she is judged as leftover…. Everyone out there become question mark, so eager to give earful and poke their noses in other’s life affairs.

Hey have you gotten engaged? Any good news? Is there any proposal in consideration? When are you getting married? Gosh, too much to answer. Why don’t people think that such questions are awfully annoying and a serious psychological torment?

Age is just a number and getting married is very much personal matter of one’s life… Pardon me but I don’t believe in an ideal and exact age philosophy of marriage. By the way, what’s the best age to tie the knot? Well, no one can truly define and judge it better than the pertinent person itself.

Getting wedded is totally a personal decision and it’s absolutely unfair to jump into a marriage just for the sake of other’s happiness. Forced relationships are totally based on the spirit of sacrifice as well as compromise and don’t happen to bring any sort of contentment in life. Point to ponder is that at the end of the day it’s the nuptial that have to survive and live up the new bond not the society.

Marriage is not larger than life rather it’s a part of life.

Please respect and prevent mortifying single girls who in your opinion are overage… Every girl has a right to get married whenever she feels that she is all set to walk down the aisle with the levelheaded and striking life partner irrespective of social and family pressure.

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