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We want democracy but we all are dictators

Our nation likes only democracy because it supports the rule of majority. According to Merriam-Webster, definition of democracy is “a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.”

According to the same dictionary, definition of dictatorship is “A government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated, such as a military dictatorship.”

We have been listening the stories of dictators since childhood but the world still confuses us as why only people in power are called dictators?

If dictatorship represents a situation where power is concentrated, then there are different examples in our daily lives and being a Pakistani, I think we all are dictators.

Here are few examples from different walks of life and I will not talk about politicians though our so-called democratic parties lack democracy and son succeeds father in leadership.


Food Sector

Food is the basic necessary of life. However, the news in the print and electronic media or even the food departments are describing in different ways that how the owners of food companies are playing with health of nation.

Such as chemical powder mixing in red pepper, chemical mixed milk, use of dead animals to make cooking oil, use of expired fruits and vegetables for making jam and jellies, etc.

Provision of Haram foods in the name of Halal foods  is also very common.

People are asking for healthy and halal food but the owners are providing them Haram and unhealthy food, we are forced to eat the same as all the major players in the market which in my eyes is an example of dictatorship.


Health Sector

The owners of medical products are supplying fake products in the market. Patients buy medicines to be cured but sometime the results are horrible because of fake or expired usage. Sometimes, the health experts are also are involve in fake businesses and play with human lives. Provision of wrong products is also a type of dictatorial behaviour.


Electronic and Print Media

The entertainment channels are showing a few social issues in the dramas because the writers have limited knowledge.

It is the 21st century, but our dramas are still showing that a girl comes with tea for her proposals and her poor boyfriend only crying for her.

The morning shows are educating people to apply different shakes on face to look beautiful and they do not care that sometimes only medicated products are the solution of facial and skin issues.

The hosts of morning shows are also arranging the marriages of already married people repeatedly because it is best solution to dance in the morning.

Currently many family members of old drama-artists are doing leading roles in the drama and film industry and no exposure can be seen for new talents.

The dictator-minded senior artists have no tolerance to promote new generation who do not belong to their family or their friends.

Education department

There are two sectors of education in Pakistan, private sector and public sector. Both of these sectors are playing the roles like dictators.

In public sector, the teachers are the rulers whether they want to teach the students honestly or not. It is totally up to them. Thousands of ghost-schools are the example of this mind-set. These teachers are only concerned with their reference letters and salaries. Moreover, in the school, colleges and universities; the teachers are the king whether to teach students daily or not.

No doubt, the private sector has become a source of quality of education. Unluckily, the cost of private education is very high and sometimes veryagonising for poor parents and students. Its mean, private sector is a business not a source of education.

The dictator parents

Majority of our people is worried because of their parents’ wrong decision in social life.

Honour killing of girls and immoral activities of boys are the result of parents’ education at home.

Strict and angry behaviours of parents regarding marriages of their children has raised millions of bad boys and girls in Pakistan.

The parents should be friendly with their children to solve their issues instead of using dictatorial policies against them.


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