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Extricating from the primordial social pact

Time is changing swiftly and smiting on the primary works by primordial beings. The first social agreement was between man and woman, as their children are not like animals that get up on their legs at the drop of a hat after birth, so they decided one must remain home for the protection and upbringing of the infant and the other one will go outside for their food, according to the sociologists. It was then decided that Adam will go out for food and Eve will stay home with the infant.

The liking for this social pact deteriorates in Pakistan after West repugnance to it in the early 20th century. The result of such extrication is an anathema for children living in such a fast paced world. Children are being taken as toys and sometimes as animals whose requirements are not affection, guidance etc. but only food for survival.

It’s largely been seen in the big cities that children are taken for granted. The only purpose of these newly developed couples is to have a cozy and luxurious life ahead while neglecting the vertex essential. Where there exists a joint family system the infant is totally dependent on the old and tired grandparents till evening or night. How can they run after the baby for the whole day with old legs so most of the times children are up to television only, which means much of the learning comes from media. Some of the couples are not much lucky that they can drop their babies at home as they don’t live in joint family system so they drop their children at day care centers where media ballyhoo is at large.

As a result of all this exposure through mass media kids grow up in a pound where lot of things not dependent of good are approachable without any guideline of do’s and don’ts. The point is we are beginning to believe that the concept of the primordial human being was not wrong but there is no need to remain home for her when there are many solutions for this problem immanent in human beings while inviting the curse on which West now screams.

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