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Happy ‘NOW’ Year

New year celebrations are just around the corner.

This January, why not start the new year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things you can makehappen, leaving the past behind and living in the ‘NOW’ enjoying the blank slate of the new year ahead.

‘Living in the now’ means the present as what is gone is surely a past and the future is unpredictable something yet to come. But amendments in our present can change situations in the bigger picture of the new tomorrow, we can beautifully paint our new future with more vibrant colours to enrich our souls for a more peaceful life. Here are some few amendments for the present towards your smooth ride in the new future ahead:

Here are some changes you should make before moving in 2017.

1.Close your eyes to old ends and open your heart to new beginnings. There is always a crack or an edge in everything you know why because that’s how the light gets in to make things brighten up.

2.Trust yourself. You have survived a lot, and you will survive whatever is coming. Sometimes our lives have to be shaken up, changed, and rearranged to relocate us to the place where we are meant to be.

3. Stop overthinking,  it leads to sadness. You can’t control everything. Let it go and move forward everything you need will come to you at a perfect time.

4. If Allah has blessed you financially, you may raise your standard of living, but try raising your standard of giving. Help people, even when you know they can’t help you back, take out small amounts for daily sadqah or charity.

5.Positive thoughts create positive results; beautiful things can happen when you clear your mind and life from negativity. Create good thoughts for yourself and others let go of grudges which create negative images.

6.Distances do not separate people silence does. Make time for family and friends they are your real assets you never know when you lose them, cherish every moment spent with them.

7. Shift your mind from aging to maturity, as being mature does not mean we start speaking about big things it is understanding of smaller and finer aspects of things.

8. Clean your mental closet. Compartmentalise your mind reorganise your emotions, thoughts and memories, as these are vital aspects of your personality and play a great role towards your inner peace of mind and soul.

9. Have faith in God and yourself; pray until your situation changes, miracles happen every day so never stop believing. Allah can change things very quickly in your life. Be more thankful for his blessings rather than complaining.

10. Never ever underestimate the power within you to stand tall even when your heart is hurting, you are stretched to your limits but you still manage to smile and help and handle difficult situations.
11. Never compromise on health. Make good choices for a healthy life style for yourself and your family. Try sorting out time for yourself to have a walk, do some exercise some yoga or meditation or just read a good book, eat clean and less junk non-toxic foods, add 8 glasses of water in your daily intake.

12. Lastly, before going to sleep every night forgive yourself and others and sleep well with a clean heart and a peaceful mind for a better tomorrow.

The choices of changes you make now will help you create a better year ahead.

I Just hope you make the right choices. As the new year approaches I wish you all endless happiness with lasting good health, may your fears fade away, your strength be renewed and your dreams come true.



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