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This artist is transforming conceptual art to photography

Art is the most beautiful and alluring form of unspoken expression.

Conceptual photography is a unique art which pushes a viewer to think beyond the borders of the frame and Zoya Tariq is one such photographer who follows the unconventional road of conceptual photography as it gives her a chance to express an abyss of thoughts and emotions that traditional photography wouldn’t.

At 22, her artwork has been exhibited at six exhibitions including The Big Picture Exhibition, Sharjah Vantage Point and Gulf Photo Plus community exhibitions receiving accolades from art lovers.



“Most of the concepts in my photos are very personal and it feels great when people can relate to it” says the Sharjah based Pakistani artist who does freelance commercial photography as well.

She has her Facebook page Zoya Tariq which displays her best works and are up for sale also.


It has not been an easy task for her to explain the form of art she so passionately follows. Conceptual photography and Photoshop go hand in hand. People usually compare it with traditional photography or criticize it because Photoshop is used but what matters is how people get to see the real meaning of the photo rather than being cemented with the nature of the medium used.


Zoya derives creative ideas from her surroundings, movies and books. “Digitalization could go from minimal editing to major compositing, depending on how I’ve planned to execute the idea” she expresses adding that the world today wants new ideas and technologies.


Conceptual photography does not perfectly fall into standard conventional photography but the depth of the message and emotions it conveys cannot be challenged and is sure to be appreciated and accepted by a wide number of people in future.

An ardent lover of art, the young artist who recently completed her graduation is impulsive as art is very personal and she would blend different mediums to experiment more to quench her creative thirst.  Everyone can capture an image but how to make it look quirky and outstanding is what a creative photographer does.

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