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The gems we lost in 2016

“Strive not to be successful but rather to be of value” said Albert Einstein

2016 is leaving and everyone in Pakistan is sad.

The year took three of Pakistan’s most cherished gems, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Amjad Sabri and Junaid Jamshed.

Three human beings who made all of us proud, human beings who spoke in the language of love and made us all love them.



Abdul SattarEdhi is one the greatest heroes of Pakistan.

The man with his services showed us that how and what we can do for the community as a common man. The man successfully established World’s largest welfare organization and ran it in an effective and efficient way.

The man desired nothing and never demanded any honour in return of his services though he was conferred with a number of titles and awards.

On July 8,2016 we lost the superhuman that was Edhi.




Son of famous Qawwal Ghulam Farid Sabri, Amjad Farid Sabri was born on December 23,  1976.

He stood up as one of Asia’s most noticeable Qawals and spread the message of Sufism, love and interfaith harmony.

Some of his unforgettable Qawwalis ” Bhar Do Jholi”, “Tajdar-i-Haram” and “Mera Koi Nahin Hai TeraySiwa”. These Qawwalis not only rejuvenated  On 22 June 2016 he was murdered in Karachi.

The sweet Sufi bird was silenced on June 22, 2016.



Born on September 3, 1964- Junaid Jamshed was a sensation when he was a singer and gave us ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’. Many remember him as a man who made pop music actually popular in Pakistan.

He stopped making music in 2004 but achieved immortality through his rendition of Naats

Almost everyone who knew him is of the opinion that despite all the fame he received in his life, Junaid Jamshed was humble to the core.

History shows that good people, more often, are always the first to go. But it also teaches that they, with their work, they get the greatest the gift a human being can aspire i.e. immortality.

Junaid Jamshed, Amjad Sabri and Edhi are immortal and will live in our hearts forever.




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