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The OOOOO!!!, AAAAAHHHH!!! brigade…….

is a breed apart, defying the laws of natural selection and putting Darwin’s theory on a spin.

It is a species of women, thriving in the lush and plush houses, gardens, cafes, high-end schools and ritzy boutiques of the chosen habitat – the defence society of Karachi. This species is dependent on the male for sustenance and nothing else. Be it a father or a husband or say a brother, this female has a backing of the most solid kind.

Women of this clan do not walk they flutter, the don’t talk they twitter, and they don’t work they create. And, when it pleases them they utter the unmistakable and definite ooohhhhhhhhhhhhs and aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhs!! punctuating the fluttering and the twittering!!!!

Their minds are vacant while their purses are full, their thoughts are shallow while their mouths babble, their souls parched while their houses are deluged with stuff. Such is the brigade of vapid, insipid, social butterflies, who live to batter their eyelids and woo all and sundry around them. The fashionistas of defence are to die for, they are rich, they have a good education tucked under somewhere (which mind you they ‘choose’ not to use), they are fun to be with (that is if sheer superficiality by the cupful is your idea of fun) and they are hungry!!! They are hungry for the next good-looking and moneyed man. Our butterflies love to suck up the potion of oblivion seeking refuge, excitement, and occasional love tryst in bottles of black label! They are beautiful, no doubt, and desirable for sure.

But my question is and it is a very concerned one – do these women think? do they have a value system that defines their lives, do they wonder about history and people who lived before? do they have a vision for themselves and their children if and when they have them? or is it all floozy talk and lunches and dinners and kitty parties and musical evenings??? is it that being a good mother is following the rules of the western world? is it borrowed knowledge??

And, are these women interesting? does one want to engage in a conversation with them for long? are they caring? beyond the oooo and ahhhhs of every bloody sentence or are they social associates whom you merely ‘network’ with???? Are they the women of depth and substance in time of distress, can one count on them??? or are they only there for their social utility?????

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