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I want Imran Khan to give up his struggle

Although I appreciate his enthusiasm to bring a ‘revolutionary’ change in Pakistan but if I were to meet Imran Khan one day, I would not ask him questions related to politics. Instead, I would give him a word of advice; give it up.

Have we all not seen it in the past? Khan’s relentless effort to gain power in order to make a ‘New Pakistan’ will not serve any purpose and even a layman like me,  knows what Khan is capable of achieving once he assumes power (if he ever does) but that is not the real reason I want him to give up.

To understand my view point just take a look at what the PTI chief had done in the past few years.

Khan’s 2014 quest to dethrone PM Nawaz Sharif was a failed strategy. Imran Khan’s ‘Go Nawaz Go’ banter received widespread acclaim but was it ever effective? Last I checked, Nawaz is still the PM of Pakistan and Khan isn’t.

Last time I checked, Nawaz was the PM of Pakistan and Khan was still raving and ranting against him.

His party-led government may be ruling Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but that is not where it ends. To do national level politics, you need years of hard work and public engagement. Khan also needs to focus on other provinces like KP.

Now that people have forgotten his antics during the 2014 dharna, Imran Khan is again trying to defame and debilitate PML-N by calling for a complete lock-down of the capital Islamabad. He will visit the city on November 2.

Although his agenda, in my eyes, is self-serving and many Pakistanis have lost hope in him. He still has got a handful of loyal supporters who think he can deliver.

Moreover, Khan’s insistence to bring the Taliban on table also proved an utter disaster for Pakistan.

The reason behind PTI’s past failures is due to its leader’s impulsive decision making and failure to organise the party as one.

The result: PTI fails to impress even as a sole genuine opposition party in and outside the assembly.

His failures to manage PTI aside, I want him to give up because people of Pakistan (as seen in most of the recent by-polls) don’t want him to rule the country, no matter how honest he is. They are voting for the very people Khan is standing against. PML-N is winning on ground.

All hopes of his coming to power too will end with this November 2 theater and I and countless others will watch Imran Khan do what he does best; making a fool of himself.

As the good old saying by John Quinton goes,

“Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.”

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