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Slapping a journalist is condemnable, so is leaking the video

Almost all of us have seen the video in which a security guard slapped a female reporter across her face and I too have my sympathies with the reporter but yes, there are some questions.

Almost all of us have seen the video in which a security guard slapped a female reporter across her face and I, as a woman and journalist have my sympathies with the reporter but yes, there are some questions I want to ask!

I was wondering since morning, while I was having a refreshing cup of coffee at home; that what would be the exact job requirements of a security guard.

So I stopped at my office gate and asked one of the guards standing there, “what are you supposed to do other than standing here at the gate and note down our entry and exit timings.”

At first, he was baffled on my sudden inquiry then responded, “I am at the security services of this company, I keep a look on the visitors and any unspecified person coming here and as per instructions, I let the guests in.”

So responsibility of a security guard includes; protecting the work place and lives of the employees by patrolling the area, monitoring entrance of the organization through supervision and surveillance, identifying visitors and stop suspicious people, to guard against theft and maintain security, checking purses, pockets, and bags.

After my initial inquiry on the tasks of a guard, I, as a broadcast journalist,  sat and thought about responsibilities of an anchor who rarely work as a field reporter.

To report a story, a broadcaster should be objective, unbiased, persistent, and he or she must have good communication skills and stamina to cope with the fast-paced world of breaking news and long hours of a news show.

He or she must know that being a media person, he or she must be socially responsible and ethically strong. These are some standards other than the good looks and over confidence which are usually considered as the only requirement to become a news anchor.

First of all, if I was that anchor, should I be that abrasive in my words and inappropriate in my actions with such a inconsiderate tone?

The answer would be ‘No’.

Was she reporting the issues faced by common people at NADRA office or was bullying that unqualified security guard? At least she was the one who was supposed to behave in some sophisticated way.

I Repeat: It was a terrible incident, and I think the security personnel crossed all limits by slapping a woman.

But the worst part of the story was that the channel leaked the footage in which a woman was disrespected…Why? To get justice or to get ratings?

Now swap the roles, If I was the guard and a male anchor came up creating the same scene, would I be allowed to slap right on his face? I think ‘Yes’ and the whole mob including his cameraman would have also stood up with me, condemning the reporter and peeps, the video would never have been released.

Why did the channel release a footage in which a woman was disrespected? it could have simply presented it as an evidence in a court of law

So the bottom line is that apart from taking the matter to court (which both parties did), the anchor in question must not only be questioned about what she was trying to establish at the spot, besides she also needs to learn the basics of reporting.

Last but not least, the channel should also be questioned as to why did it release the video, the video could simply be presented as evidence in the court after filing the case.

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