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Will Imran Khan’s Teflon Factor Help Him Win 2018 Elections?

We all think that Imran Khan is born with a Teflon factor. Don’t we?

We all think that he is defended by some invisible magical power that no amount of filth or danger – thrown his way – smears or wounds him. Miraculously, he always manages to come out clean and unscathed.

Well, so far, we have witnessed it. Haven’t we?

After the 2014 Dharna debacle political pundits declared that this is the end of Khan and his politics but the PTI chief survived the disaster.

Now comes the Raiwind March and how PTI supporters are viewing it!

Let’s make no mistake, it will be a huge gathering. It will be a good show of oratory and Khan will exhale fire. But, then what next?

We all know the fate of Panama papers’ revelations and the impunity our rich and powerful leaders enjoy – they simply are are untouchables.

There is no denying the fact that Khan is standing up for something that no else has ever stood up before in 69 years.

History will remember him as the only man who stood up for the elimination of an evil that has been eroding this country.

But lets analyse if his charisma and his way of politics can assure his party’s victory in next elections.

No one can predict what course things will take in the coming months but, let’s assume the both scenarios: the worst and the ideal.

In the worst scenario, the fall out of Khan’s movement is early elections. But, is PTI ready for that? A party that is in an acute state of disarray? The truth is that party’s grass root organizational structure is in such a dismal state that it doesn’t even seem to be ready for 2018 elections.

And for this state of affairs, PTI cannot blame anyone but itself.

As for  the ideal scenario:  Elections are to be held as per schedule in 2018. Now, there is a sigh of relief, there is a hope and certainly, there is a chance – if Khan wants.

Nevertheless, PTI can very much win the electoral game in 2018 subject to party’s focus on strategizing next elections rather than letting itself be consumed by Panama papers scandal.


While Khan must be lauded in rich words, he must also be reminded of some critical realities, i.e. improving the governance level in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)

Henceforth, the bottom line is: PTI should pursue Panama papers issue but, at the same time it must not overlook the essentials.

While taking the movement forward it must keep the things ready at the back end for the 2018 battle. It must not skip its homework.

For now, Sharifs seem invincible. Who will win in 2018 is the writing on the wall. We may not like it, we may not want to accept it, we may lament it but, the unfortunate fact is an imminent reality – but, just for now.

Sharifs are seeming invincible, but, not for always.

The apocalypse of their dynasty is destined but, is it destined through Khan’s hands?

For that, we all have to wait. Let’s see who wins this time. Khan’s Teflon factor or his cardinal sins.

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