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Why India’s war hysteria can cost it dearly

My childhood memory of a Pakistan-India war the is KARGIL War of 1999.

Every day when we used to hear news about what is happening at in the ‘Kargil war’ on TV- a late night break for us after the school homework.

What I understood at that time was that there was a war going on between Pakistan & India and it has been named s ‘KARGIL’…The Pakistan Army was in dominant position & that its Chief was General Pervez Musharraf!

The rest as they say is history………

Kargil was for Pakistan, a remarkable military victory despite the failure at political front and the fact still haunts India.

Later in our age, we saw a number of ‘Action thriller dramas’ like the attack on Indian Parliament in 2001, November 2008 Mumbai attacks and more recently the  Pathankot airbase the Uri attack.

One must also include the arrest of ‘spy Pigeon’ into this long list of dramas.

After the Uri attack, Indian leadership has overlooked the fact that its own atrocities in Kashmir may have led to the reaction and have blamed it on Pakistan without any evidence. Since the day of the attack, the calls to isolate Pakistan and even to attack it are on the rise among Indian nationalists and media.

Indian media and leadership is also terming Pakistan ‘state sponsor of terrorism’, overlooking that reality is contrary to their claim as India itself is the biggest sponsor and hub of terrorism.

Pakistan has proof of RAW’s  involvement in Balochistan and terrorists activities across the country.

Recovery of huge cache of Indian money and weapons during Operation Zarb e Azb and by law enforcement agencies in Balochistan and Kalbhoshan Jhadav’s arrest are clear examples of Indian interference in Pakistan.

Besides that, the state sponsored terrorism that Indian Army is carrying out in Occupied Kashmir, firing pellets on innocent Kashmiris, blinding hundreds is India’s real face which many overlook due to India’s economic success.

India always plan attacks itself, then put blame on Pakistan and then beat drums of ‘retaliation’.

But who else can give a better reply to to India other than the General  Pervez Musharraf and our COAS General Raheel Sharif.




Their one statement and whole Indian media is on fire…how they will sustain our ‘befitting reply’!? COAS General Raheel Sharif in his speech on Defence Day (6 Sept 2015) said
“Pakistani nation is more resolute than ever before. Pakistan is capable of dealing with all kinds of internal and external threats, be it conventional or sub-conventional, cold start or hot start. We are ready!

I will also like to remind India what Musharraf said “Don’t push us, we didn’t make nukes to fire on Shab-e-Baraat” (June 2015) and:If you think you will strike at the time and place of your choosing, we can strike back at the place and time of our choosing. So don’t stop at your action only, what will follow should also be considered” – CNN-News18 (21 September 2016).

General Raheel Sharif recently said that ‘Army will defend every inch of Pakistan’.

Actually, in my eyes, CPEC is what is making India restless as it will not also be a game changer for the whole region but will make Pakistan stronger than India when it comes to economy.

So, it will be a great folly on India’s part to even think about a military retaliation as not only our army but our whole nation is united against India and Indian terrorism.


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