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Pakistan’s Energy Crises: Redundancy And Threat Of Terrorism

Energy is considered as the backbone of a country’s progress and economic development. The shutdowns (Load shedding) lasting for hours are the depiction of poor governance, lack of management, corruption, solitary reliance on less sources of energy and inability of federal government to deal with the issue. The shortfalls are increasing the anti-government sentiments and frustration within the society and threat of terrorism within the region.

From the late 1990s to 2002 Pakistan enjoyed energy blessed period of having surplus electricity, but the crises started from 2007 with a gradual flaring up of the gap between supply and demand. A book published by IPRI and Hans Seidal Foundation titled The Solutions for energy crisis in Pakistan highlights the historic Demand-Supply position of Pakistan as, in year 2001-02 the electricity shortfall was 435 MW where from 2005 to 2013 it reached to 3916 MWs.

The solitary reliance on gas and oil to meet energy requirements is one of the causes behind the shortfalls. $6.69 billion on imports of petroleum were spent during July-Nov 2014-15. The expensive oil imports are increasing electricity prices and burden on national economy. Pakistan needs alternate and redundant energy sources to meet its energy requirements and at the same time ensuring its energy security.

Pakistan imports most of its oil from Saudi Arabia, which would become more vulnerable due to growing Indian naval might and its desire to counter CPEC and growing Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. Therefore, Pakistan should diversify its oil imports by also importing it from Iran after lifting of international sanctions through land routes. It will prevent India from cutting off our oil supplies from sea routes, which will otherwise reduce our ability to fight a conventional war and reduce our nuclear threshold.

Arguing with frustration aggression hypothesis, the continuity in shortfalls will lead to economic downfall which will lead to frustration and aggression within society. This will help terrorists to recruit more people in their armies. The increase in terrorism may have the domino effect, which will cover whole Asia and Europe into its Orb. The developed nations of the world should provide the technological assistance to Pakistan in order to deal with its energy crises, which will lead to the peace and stability in the region.




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