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Confessions of a Mother (crazed!)

I’m trying, I’m working hard to be tolerant an not loose it! yes, when for the umpteenth time I’m asked by me 12 year old if he can play night cricket on the road at like 10.30 at night, never mind the final in the morning! He supplements his pleadings and tantrums with substantial and heavy weight logical arguments such as: when I sleep late I get up fresher and earlier, and why can’t I??? all my friends are still up.

What is then a mother ought to do? be strict and hitleresque by feigning deafness, screaming at the pitch of her voice, or the last resort ‘the guilt trip’, but! hell! if you have a child-demon like mine it is all grappling in the dark. When my son doesn’t want to listen to any logic, he goes behind a wall, a thick glass wall that then separates us exactly like the Great Wall of China, and then we or rather he refuses to engage with this woman that’s wailing on the other side!

Then, there are the endless trail of friends, that keeps getting longer and longer somewhat like the fabled ‘ladder to the moon’ Yup! I am amazed at the rate at which ‘best friends’ materialize in the very busy life of this mutt. The whole school is qualifying for this envious slot and now the entire street! What is it with best friends and the urge to hang out with the at all odd times of the day and night. HMMM, how does one then analyze each and every one of the so called best friend and go over his family tree to decide whether he is an appropriate candidate or not! so the frustrated and tired mom in me and (any other crazed mom) is pleased to leave everything and a lot more to GOD!

And finally, the strange hollowing s of stranger stomachs at strangest hours! McDonald’s at 12 a.m? (Pleeezzz) roll at 7 p.m, aahh cravings for cooling ice creams at 4 p.m and of course a dire need for biryani at 10 a.m!

Am I the only mother who is presented with these impossible demands at demanding hours or are their other similar souls in distress?

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