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Curse Of Honor Killing Has Ingested Another Pakistani Woman

Is Qandeel Baloch the one scandalized with Mufti Qawi lately? Asked my mother, she was watching news while I was organizing my wardrobe… Yes, I answered her. She is murdered. My mother further added… What? Are you serious? I was extremely shocked. I left everything and rushed to TV.

I’m so ungratified after hearing the news of strange and sad demise of controversial model come social media sensation Qandeel Baloch, though I was not concerned about her when she was alive. In the name of honor, she was strangled to death by her brother in her sleep, while the news is also buzzing around that she had a tiff with her brother over money earlier.

Who is Qandeel Baloch? No one knew her before 2014. Perhaps I didn’t know much about her so out of curiosity after her assassination, I took help from Google and the results were outrageous. Her videos, tweets and Facebook posts were quite handy in explaining me why she was so controversial and why she is suspected as a “victim of honor killing”.

Fouzia Azeem commonly known as Qandeel Baloch became the social media celebrity once she unleashed her bold and bizarre videos which suddenly got viral on social media. Being A Pakistani woman, how disgraceful it is that she publicized herself through cheap videos, statements and posts.

Few days back when TV channels broke the unauthentic news of PTI chairman Imran Khan’s 3rd marriage, one of news channel anchor took Qandeel Baloch on live call. She was extremely sad as she claimed to be in deep love with Imran khan. She proposed him many times as well.

A private news channel anchor joyfully said, “Qandeel 2016 is all yours and we hope that you will keep posting more entertaining videos of yours like before”. Regardless of the viewers feelings and sensitive nature of the news, shame on news anchor and TV channels for deliberately posing such statements in live news bulletin. The rating plague of TV channels is pushing the boundaries of our morality and ethical values really very hard.

I’m not writing this to rationalize outspoken Qandeel Baloch especially what she had contributed to social media. My concern is the curse of honor killing which is the ugliest spot on the face of humanity. Where was the so-called honor of her family when she started her internet journey back in 2014? When our society will understand that there is no honor in killing the women of your family?

Truth of the matter is that model Qandeel Baloch was mugged by all the sick mentalities and desperate followers who have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the dirty acts of her on social media.

Why was she not snub and ban at very early stage? Rather she became the talk of the town in no time and the credit goes to the electronic and social media for providing grounds to the controversial internet celebrity. The insincerity and dual standards of our society and media need to mark as the eminent cause of honor killing in Pakistan.

Woman is neither a commodity nor a sensation.  Accept her as a human being and let her live. Respect her, protect her and give the right training and education to every women of your family so that she can be pride of family instead of honor killing victim.



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