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Is World Better And Safer Now ?

Just two days prior to Eid ul Fitar a suicide truck bomb ripped through Baghdad, killing at least 250 people. It was one of the deadliest single attack on Iraq. Grief of affected families who lost their loved ones was deepen on the of Eid, when Sir John Chilchot released The Iraq War inquiry in which he held Tony Blair responsible for waging the war on Iraq unnecessarily and on dubious intelligence reports. As there was no imminent threat from Saddam Hussain.

Mr. Blair was the youngest Prime Minister of UK elected in May 1997. He remained in 10 downing  street for consecutive two terms. He always talked about social justice as PM. But in March 2003, murdering all laws of justice and eliminating all human rights – just like an animal, he attacked on Iraq on basis of fake intelligence  reports. He lied as he described Saddam Hussain as an ‘imminent threat to world’

He will be remembered as one of the worst war criminals of modern world. Irony is that he’s unapologetic on decision he took as World is better and safer place now. He’s directly responsible for minimum 1,70,000 casualties (source: iraqbodycount.org) in Iraq from 2003 to date alongside Mr. Bush. He’s indirectly responsible for creation of IS. As IS nurtured in the power vacuum created by executing Saddam Hussain.

Why can’t he be questioned at International Criminal Court. He wouldn’t, because he massacred Muslims. And a Muslim life is dirt cheap commodity in the world right now. But hopefully he’ll be facing trial in UK because of 179 casualties of Britain Armed Forces in Iraq war.

Today’s Iraq is a live volcano erupting fire that’s burning whole of the region. Central government in Iraq is dominated by Shiite Arabs majority. Sunni Arabs are marginalized. Iraqi Kurdish minority is enjoying strong autonomy in northern Iraq, and even pursing for a formal independent Kurd state. There’s fear amongst locals that this oil rich country will be divined in many independent states on religion/ethnic lines. And I think it’s the ultimate goal of global powers.

Now the matter of concern is that has post Saddam Iraq improved or not?

Iraq was a much wealthier and save place before American interventions. It was America , it’s support for Saddam to wage war on Iran, economic sanctions and then war that destroyed Iraq. In deaths and casualties year 2006 was worst than 1991 and 2003. How can Mr. Blair claim that ‘Iraq is a better and a safer place now?’

Iraq holds fifth largest oil reserves in the world. But it’s 30 % of population is living below poverty line. There are estimated 4 million Iraqi refugees in the world according to UNHCR. The current law and order situation is highly uncertain in Iraq these days. Iraq has been ravaged by the cycles of warfare and crippling sectarianism.

In nutshell, we can describe devastating outcomes of Iraq war by only mentioning the violent spread of Daesh. Extremism all around the globe has increased. According to Pew Research Center extremism concerns growing in west and in Muslim countries predominantly (source: pewglobal.org). Mr. Blare needs to make himself conversant with current global situation. He should be tried and convicted for killing of 1,79,000 innocent humans.

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