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EDHI – A Silent Revolutionary

A person who mastered the art of humanity, we bid farewell to him, we bid farewell to Abdul Sattar Edhi, who served humanity unconditionally. He was a person who displayed nothing but piety and generosity towards helpless, poor children and women who had been deserted by their parents, partners or families. The simplicity of this person can never be compared with the thinking of a common man while beauty in him never spoke about his appearance but has built astounding emotions that have created an environment of selfless and bountiful love and respect for humans. His way of expression, his deepest desires have always revolved around bestowing his love, and sacrificing so much, saving people and cherishing humanity.

With his passion and devotion that deeply carves a simple picture – that no religion is greater than humanity makes us comprehend the real purpose of being in this world. And now as we sit in our homes, we speak about how his enduring nature and how much the existence of people like Edhi has become a necessity – to serve the humanity. However a striking revelation comes forth, which brings out to ones assumption, that in the middle of all this we didn’t realize that Edhi has given birth to many silent revolutionaries who want to come forward and promote humanity through helping others. What this society doesn’t understand is that Edhi has been advocating for humanity in a place where the people have failed to prevail and have lost hope in stringent, baseless government policies and laws that serves no human. Edhi profoundly places himself in this society while continuing his work. So what makes this man The Revolutionary?

Abdul Sattar Edhi, an individual who discarded all the luxuries of life and believed in helping people, which he had been doing for many years through The Edhi Foundation. Additionally the establishment of Edhi Trust that changed the face of welfare in Pakistan was initially started with five thousand rupees. Edhi also runs the world’s largest ambulance service, which offers 24 hours service. With the undying spirit and a man who was very secure in his own skin and clothing thought that serving people would be a better idea to dwell into rather than to sit and crave for material gains. Even though we as people have demolished the pillars of humanity, amongst us was this messiah, who went on with the determination and persistence that what he was doing – was the right thing.  He has set himself as an example for others as someone who gave more importance to humanity, making him more secular in his ideas but benefitting people at the same time.

How can we deny all his good deeds that he has done for this country?  How can we stay ignorant towards his contributions made for this society? How can we stay oblivious to the fact that he has given a revolution another name, which is serving humanity? We might ignore the stance that he has played with the ideologies of this nation finally taking initiative in changing the discourse of life, which would impact the world. He has revolutionized many people in many ways that fills the hearts and minds of people to understand and feel that serving humanity is the biggest reward a mankind can have, not only in this world but also in world Hereafter.

Surmounting his problems with patience, perturbed by the anguishing pains of the sufferers Edhi was always very respondent to many painstaking episodes, Pakistan faced. Through his sincerity that has been very powering becomes a sudden relief for the impoverished and poor. What we need to shed light on is that Edhi and his humanitarian work speaks louder than words. We should accept it as a fact that if we want to succeed in life we must think and act like him.

His nature was based on kindness which gives our youth the food for thought, to squander all the beliefs revolving around the gaining material rewards and should aim towards making this nation a better place to live. We are the only foundation left that can hope and strive to at least achieve what Edhi actually dreamed of. We as a nation need to come together and make this silent revolution into an assertive radical one – since we all know what cost has to be paid if humanity is not saved on time.

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