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Zarb e Azb – A Beacon Of Hope For The Tourism Industry

Pakistan has finally regained the vibrant colors it once lost, all hail to operation Zarb e Azb. Tourism revived in on our country, and the credit goes to the Pakistan Armed Forces for an extensive military operation against terrorism. The hard work is finally paid off. Pakistan’s tourism industry is flourishing once again; the improved law and order situation has resulted in the boost of tourism which will ultimately boost the economy too.

Our country is rich in beauty; Northern areas of Pakistan are attractive and very popular. For the last few years, terrorists worked hard to destabilize the economy, therefore crime rate was very high  and due to that, the tourism industry declined. 2 years ago Pakistani Military leadership decided to launch a final operation against militancy and succeeded.

Northern Areas of Pakistan cover a large belt of mountainous terrain which holds a lot of importance, due to the natural beauty – hiking peaks, snowfall, greenery, waterfalls are now a spot of attraction for the national and international media. Visiting the beautiful Pakistan was a major  issue for the tourists, but finally because of the  hard work of our Law Enforcement Agencies and Armed Forces the problem has been resolved to a large extent.

Along with revival of the tourism in Pakistan, the operation has provided many other results as well – such as foreign investment, CPEC etc.

Looking at an estimate of tourism industry, Pakistan used to make $351 million to $369 million annually. Let’s hope that tourism once again will contribute in achieving this income and gradually boost up our economy.

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