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David Cameron Resigns After UK Votes To Leave European Union

British Prime Minister David Cameron has decided to resign within a few months, following the results of the European Union (EU) Referendum. The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, which is a union of 28 countries forming a ‘single market’. A record of 30 million turned out to vote (71.8% turnout).

The “Leave” campaign won 52% of the vote to win by 1,269.501 votes, with turnout at 72% and ‘REMAIN’ 48%. David Cameron campaigned Britain to ‘remain’ in the EU.

The older votes mostly wanted to him to ‘leave’, the younger ones ‘remain’. Scotland and Northern Ireland had high votes to ‘remain’ in the EU, this may lead to further issues regarding splitting away from England, fragmenting The Great Britain.

As a consequence the British Pound fell to its lowest level against the US Dollar since 1985. The ‘Leave’ campaigners have called their victory ‘Independence Day.’ They had concerns about European laws, the power of the European judges, free movement of workers and mass immigration. They wanted to ‘take back the control’ of Britain.

Donald Trump, US Presidential nominee and other European right wing, anti-immigration political parties have congratulated Britain on leaving the EU. There is a fair amount of uncertainty about what the future holds. Trading and business links will have to be re-negotiated with the EU and non-EU countries.

The EU leaders are not pleased with the result. German Premier Angela Merkel said ‘We take note of the British people’s decision with regret. There is no doubt that this is a blow to Europe and to the European unification process.’ It is difficult to predict the future but the decision to leave the EU has sent shock waves around the world.

The United Kingdom which once ruled large parts of the world as part of the ‘British Empire,’ now sees itself being fragmented into smaller sections. It is certain that Britain will have a new Prime Minister in the next few months.


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