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Nuclear Suppliers Group

In today’s situation of the world, country like Pakistan who is not in food terms with India, it’s compulsory for them to keep the nuclear weapons on the safer side. Pakistan’s nuclear program is decided based on how India and other countries run their program as they are a direct threat to Pakistan. If they upgrade their nuclear program, it will be better for us to upgrade our nuclear program as well.

Coming to the latest issue of NSG, once again to maintain strategic stability – if India gets entry into NSG then it will be a compulsion for Pakistan to become a member of NSG. India has accumulated uranium through deals with Australia, Canada and other countries based on NSG exemption, which has created a pressure on Pakistan to maintain deterrence equilibrium against India. India is a country where a major terrorist attack might lead to a large-scale of military assault on Pakistan, which then could lead to a nuclear war in one of the world’s most populous regions, which means if Pakistan’s strategic interests are threatened, in return it will shake the strategic balance in South Asia, and even cast a cloud over peace and stability on the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Now the question rises why Pakistan need NSG membership? Pakistan needs NSG membership as priority for socio-economic development and technological advancement of country. By joining NSG Pakistan can access the nuclear materials which are not manufactured here. The country manufactures heavy water, nuclear manipulators, managing steel and zirconium, but not in enough abundance to export it. Moreover Pakistan can surely benefit from NSG membership by trading nuclear materials with the International community. Pakistan enclosure will also prove to be economically beneficial. Moreover Pakistan has expertise, manpower, infrastructure & ability to supply NSG controlled items. Pakistan can also provide goods and services for a full range of nuclear applications for peaceful purposes.

Pakistan deserves to become a member of NSG because Pakistan’s Nuclear Program and Pakistan Civil Nuclear facilities are under International Atomic Energy Agency’s Safeguards. If India becomes NSG member, it can block Pakistan’s entry into the organization by its use of the exclusive veto power, and can further prevent any steps which might prove beneficial for Pakistan. India’s inclusion will prevent Pakistan to play its cards for more nuclear stockpiles. Pakistan would need a nuclear deal similar to the US-India Civil Nuclear Agreement and admit it to NSG.

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