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#HBDGenRaheel Sharif – 60th Milestone – A Not So Belated Wish

To be honest last month in May, I made a plan to do following things for General Raheel Sharif’s Birthday which included an artwork for Facebook cover. For that I decided to design a quote of General Pervez Musharraf for General Raheel Sharif.

I don’t know how to make videos but I have a passion to make them, and so I did for General Pervez Musharraf on his Birthday last year for the first time. This year I have decided to make one for General Raheel Sharif for his 60th Birthday.

The above two – I managed to finish on time, but the two which I was unable to accomplish due to the hectic routine of Ramadan were a sketch. Though I have made two Sketches of General Raheel Sharif, but sadly they are not worth sharing. One was, which I made for a  friend from her favorite photo of General Raheel. The funny thing is that we both have our own favorite photos of him with #ThankyouRaheelSharif. Another sketch that I made is probably the most loved by his fans and is popular amongst people, but again – it’s not worth sharing as I messed it up.

Initially I was confused what to mention in the blog, although another part of me wanted to write it -but couldn’t achieve this target on time.

A lot has been written for him including the article, ‘10 moments of Public admiration of General Raheel Sharif’ on ARY NEWS, people have also written a lot on his popularity that are mostly based on facts, there are others who have also written against Pakistan Army and against Zarb e Azb etc. The popular #ThankyouRaheelSharif is used to praise him on his achievements, and sarcastically by people who are mislead by some purported agenda against Pakistan army.

When in 2015 he opened the car windows in Karachi – though the law and order situation of Karachi has  improved a lot due to the ongoing Karachi Operation, but to open a car windows is extremely risky for a high profile personality. Terrorists who have no religion and no heart are trained only to shoot the target so I think he must take care as there is always a security risk. One of the the very brave act of  General Raheel Sharif was when he landed at Bacha Khan University – was very brave – the university was cleared at that time by the snipers of Pak Army Commandoes but his helicopter landing on the university ground was extremely risky.

His Bravery is best explained by General Pervez Musharraf in these words:

“I think a lot of big people out there will be terrified to go to the places he visits. They will be afraid about getting blown up in their helicopters in these sensitive areas. It’s not easy if there is a machine gunner sitting somewhere and he shoots down your helicopter. But Raheel Sharif has tremendous guts.”

General Raheel Sharif has touched new heights of popularity due to the successful operation Zarb e Azb, against militants and terrorists, for bringing peace in our country and due to this he has become an ICON, who has raised not only the morale of Pakistan Army but also of our nation, in tough times when it was ravaged by the menace of Terrorism. Triumphantly he won the hearts of nation after the worst incident of human history which was of APS Peshawar Massacre of 140 children. Could only be done by a man of his caliber.

As rightly said by my hero General Pervez Musharraf that:

‘General Raheel has certain qualities. Firstly, he is a thorough gentleman in terms of his character and dealing. He is refined, cultured and knows how to carry himself and how to talk like a commander.’

His efforts for eradicating terrorism is also acknowledged internationally. His visits to foreign countries are give high respect and value. He is rewarded with the, like Legion Of Merit Medal by USA, Order of Merit by Brazil, Order of King Abdul Aziz by Saudi Arabia, Turkish Legend of Merit and Medal of Merit by Jordan. The Countdown to his retirement has started, November is just a few months away, only six months are left. His statement of not taking extension jolted the nation. However it must be made crystal clear that as long as there is Pakistan Army, no one can dare to cause any harm to Pakistan Insha’Allah!

Concluding the entire article, I want to wish HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY to our COAS General Raheel Sharif. An inspiration for us, Courage and Patriotism with great personality. We have seen how #HBDGenRaheel Sharif trended today on social media. This shows that the ‘real’ occasion does not need ‘any media’ to top the trends. It is all due to deliverance and performance by him, the Pakistan Army. Today he is loved and respected by nation. The words that touched me the most among some others were:

Salgirah Mubarak! Ae Nishan e Haider kay Waris!

May Allah Almighty Bless him with long and healthy life, protect him from enemies and he serve this motherland. Ameen. #ThankyouRaheelSharif , the departure of the general, one more November will leave this nation sadden. One more November will sadden this Nation and me-after November 2007.

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