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Aamir – The Torment

I am really ashamed to say this that I haven’t seen Ghalib the movie, you know what I mean? Wink*

But ufortunately, I’m among those who literally wasted three minutes & 2 seconds of their precious life while seeing Amir Liaqat’s Pak Ramazan Video. Like seriously, those three minutes were over but that whole scenario keeps on coming back to me!

I am in a state of denial,  and yes I’m amazed to be very honest I don’t need to see someone like him acting oh correction! doing over acting on our national television channel.

Why would my army be represented by someone who is still unable to decide whether he’s a religious scholar  or an actor.

But hey! You just can’t reach the level and coolness Amir has! (Aam khaye ga? Aam) He’s that kind of a guy for whom public service messages are played on television “please don’t try this at home” or “keep away from children”.

I’m not anti GEO or Amir Liaqat but I have serious issues with them! Just because you need army to have a soft corner towards your group you make things like Pak Ramazan!

On other hand, we as a nation are fools and they know quite well how to play us. Just play the patriotism card & the public will go crazy!

I doubt, they might have army soldiers for rishtas on the set of inaam ghar? As a great gesture towards Pak Ramazan! Anything is possible when Aamir bhai is there.

If Allah has given you respect embrace and use it wisely! Just because you need to fulfill your dream of becoming an actor/singer/producer that doesn’t mean you can ruin the time, global representation of your country & feelings of millions!

Ramazan is a holy month & should be celebrated accordingly. Flirting or showing love to the wife (actor) of yours in the pak ramazan video isn’t going to get you TRPs. Definitely it might get you shares & twitter trending.  Its such a shame that we have turned Religion into business, a commodity.

There is no doubt people watch the show, why not use it to educate & aware people of what real Islam is? Oh! My bad! That won’t get you advertisement & sponsorship. A famous Indian politician once said:

“We will defeat you via culture” & they did succeed. WOW. So do you!

Dear Aamir, why don’t you for once & for all accept that you are just another entertainer & not an Islamic scholar!


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