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Letter to the world.

I think its about time that I like to let you know that all kinds of words have been written on my eyes and lips,  Countless remarks have been made on my hair, several times my beautiful body was painted on a piece of paper. Innumerable times I have been judged by how I look and what brands I wear. Infinite times I have been suggested of different ways to hide the flaws on my face. many times I have been told how terrible that one pimple on my cheek looks,  Immeasurable times I have been defined by the brand of my cell phone.

Since the day I was born, I have been forced to fit into the world’s standards definition of perfect beauty, fair complexion, ideal height, perfect body, and the list never ends.

it’s about time that  I confess that I’m a misfit, imperfect, not so ideal , and what not. I’m glad to know that don’t match the standards of this judgmental society, Because I don’t desire to be judged by what lies outside me. I would like to be described by what lies within me. I want a poet to illustrate how beautifully a girl smiles when she’s going through heartbreak, I want a writer to portray the dreams in her eyes and the vision she holds. I want an author to depict how happy a girl gets when her  loved ones  are happy with the achievements she’s made.

I want the society to set amazing examples of how a man should treat a women with affection. I would like a lyricist to write about a girls modesty, every girl deserves a piece of writing on how distressed she gets on her failures but how strongly she lets it go and tries move on without creating any drama. I want a poet to tell us how beautiful we look with that pimple and that scar. I want the world to know how beautifully flawed we all are and how our pimples and scars make us imperfectly gorgeous human beings.

I’m aware that I am a misfit only because I don’t match the norms of my society. And I’m proud of being one, if we start living with how the society wants us to, we will probably land no where.

With lots of Love,

A very proud misfit Girl.

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