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Behind Closed Doors.

Majority of the people have a valid reason regarding the goody-goody features of marriage but some marriages are just Disgraces in Disguise. Rape itself is an upsetting word to hear. Imagine people going through the trauma every single day without having the right to raise their voice. Why? Just because the Rapist is your husband or your Soul-mate. I’m sure after reading the story of someone I know, you’ll know that “The Happily Ever After!” happens in movies and not always in reality.

Her story starts off like a lot of people’s stories. She had a whirlwind romance and married a man and put all her trust in. They had a happy marriage for a few years, and then they began to drift apart. Their lives were consumed by everyday events ,their one year old daughter, work, etc. which meant they were a typical married couple working on raising a family and living a normal life.

Two years into their marriage, she started having memory loss and fatigue issues, Strange things would happen to her and she couldn’t remember how. One night, she woke up with a dissolving pill in her mouth and had no remembrance of taking a pill and was very chaotic. Another night she woke up and found herself undressed. It was strange for her made her think that she might be a victim of sleepwalking. she also started experiencing an uncanny taste when she slept. It was very bitter, like that lingering awfulness in your mouth when you don’t get an aspirin down in the first swallow. After a while, she started tasting the same thing in her drinks.

Women in our society usually prefer to not disclose such things but it’s high time we speak up so here it goes. One night, she woke up to her husband standing over her with something strange in one hand and a flashlight, shining at her face. As he rushed away he tried to hide something under the mattress. After a physical confrontation, she was able to retrieve what was hidden. Under the mattress was a flask with a cloudy liquid inside. When asked what it was and what was he doing with it. He admitted that he has been dissolving Xanax and giving it to her while she slept, He told her that he thought she needed the drugs so she could get more sleep. She begged him to stop and he agreed to stop.

Over the next few months, she caught him multiple times administering the same white cloudy liquid to her. She confronted him over and over again, pleading for him to stop. He always had a way to make her believe that he would stop, that he was just looking out for her best interest.
One day, her husband left his phone at home. Since she was suspicious that maybe he was involved in something inappropriate so she decided to investigate. She found the most repelling thing on that phone that would change anyone’s view towards marriage forever. There were videos taken by her husband of him having physical assault to her while she was passed out cold. There were three videos in total and in each one she looked like she was dead. She panicked, anyone would!

It amused me that how can a husband stoop down so low and do such things or even have such disgusting fantasies. How did she not know this was happening to her? How did she not wake up when this was going on? She couldn’t wake up! She had been drugged with the white cloudy liquid that her husband administered to her numerous times before. He would give her such a large amount of the drug that she would pass out and not wake up, for any reason. She was in a deep, drug-induced sleep. How many times had this happened? She had no idea.
After having heard this ugly reality of getting married to someone like her husband, I was so disgusted, confused and afraid. I had always known that something wasn’t right, but I never had imagined something this frightening. In fact I think no one can predict that a Cardiologist which her husband was, a person so educated coming from an extremely sophisticated family could do this to his own wife.

She kept a copy of the videos and confronted her husband. He acted like he had done nothing wrong and then he somehow manipulated her like most of the husbands in our society do that no one would believe her, even with the video. He wasn’t wrong since she told her parents and her in-laws about the creepy things happening to her but no one except her mother was ready to get their hands in this matter. However very soon they were divorced.
One day, her daughter was supposed to go with her father for a weekend visit. All of a sudden, she finally realized that what her husband did to her was entirely wrong. If he could do something that horrific and horrible to his own wife, then he could do it to anyone including her daughter. Therefore she turned the copy of the video she had to the police and told them her story. But since in our part of the society marriage is a privilege to rape your wife her case wasn’t considered.

I have come forward to tell this story of a girl I know to highlight the issue of marital rape. Some people wonder, understandably, how can a husband rape his wife? My story tells you how. Regardless of your marital status with regard to your rapist, if there is no consent, it is rape.

Today, she is still trying to overcome the depression that comes with the shame and disgust and she is still fighting to keep her daughter safe since she couldn’t keep her ex-husband away from her daughter.
The reason I wrote this because I wanted to make sure that this story is heard by other women in similar situations. Maybe they will find the courage like the girl in my story did to come forward, and to make sure their attacker is held accountable for their actions.

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