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Health benefits of being happy.

“Khush raho, hamesha muskurati raho” stating stay happy and keep smiling all the time. Here in Pakistan our elders bless us like that.. It’s not practicable for girls to smile in all state of affairs as the general perception is “Hansi to Phansi” Taboo.

Health is wealth and we spend plenty every year to retain this wealth. Being happy and smiling is such a real blessing not known to most of us. The good news is that smile is a wonder therapy and it costs us nothing at all.

It’s the best way to perk you up, and increases your  mental, physical health and facial beauty. Studies have proved that happy people are healthier as compared to unhappy ones. our entire body undergoes a sense of recreation when we grace ourselves with a genuine smile. Let’s have a look at benefits of being happy and smiling.

Helps to fight envy –  I sensed that my female co workers envy me, i guess I’m worth jealousy. My  strategy was to avoid encounters with them but it didn’t help out. then clever idea popped up. Facing them with a big smile and pretending to be happy, It worked out. I was eased. When you are happy you tend to smile frequently, you feel energetic as you begin to getting a glow on your face. Contentment comes from inside and we feel at peace, we certainly look beautiful when we smile.

It eases your mind– We naturally smile when we see something remarkably pleasant whether a vivacious memory  or something amusing,  Smiling lifts our spirits and eases our  mind. when we are happy our loved ones are happy as well, smiling  makes you look terrific and there’s no harm looking sharp all the time.

Smile works as a therapy–  we laugh with friends till our stomach hurts, we vigorously crack smile after every fight and argument with loved ones, Smile makes you look gracious and shows how nice one can be. It allows one to win friends and ease pain. People smiling leave a great impression, they’re considered friendly and loving. Discover the magic of your smile and use it as an aid therapy, It helps someone around you to come out of bad mood and melancholy and makes you appear young so instead of spending all the money on facial treatments try and stay happy.

Enhance productivity – Do you know that a happy person is better in solving problems and handling life? Some people are more contented by nature and they eagerly handle problems without panic. Researchers have proved that contentment leads to creativity and enhanced productivity. Happy people are less belligerent and more optimistic.

Helps avoid diseases – People who are happy tend to have stronger nerves and are less likely to develop heart ailments, Smiling is nervous system friendly; it eases our stretched nerves and let the immune system function better. Which is why people enjoy food even more when they are happy. Smiling can surprisingly level the high heart-beat and noticeable reduction in blood pressure. wonders that smiling does.

Reliefs depression –  All of us go  through inevitable traumas and as a result of it we disregard being happy, We never smile while we’re depressed,suffering from anxiety or going through a rough day. Pessimism leads to unhappiness. Smiling can potentially relief depression and stressful situations, Laughter is the best medicine they say. We unintentionally smile to conceal awkward situations,  we smile to cope up with embarrassments and to regain our shattered self-belief. its must’ve happened several times that our friends would laugh at us when they see we slipped and look how terribly funny that was, that clearly shows their comfort level towards us.

In a nutshell, being happy tremendously improves mental and physical health steadiness of a person. Genuine smile reduces stress and makes our entire day better. Smiling can instantly maintains the heartbeat and permit the body to relax and work normally, exercise more, eat healthy and think positive.

Always laugh when you can, it is cheaper then medicine- Lord Byron

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