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Being apolitical: why I support Imran Khan

We are human beings. We have our flaws that embarrass us and we have our embellishments too that we feel proud of. Imran Khan too is no exception. However, I am a witness to a case that only makes me doubt all the allegations leveled against him and Shoukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. I would never believe that angelic Imran Khan could be involved in any kind of corruption whatsoever with the money entrusted to him in form of donations to a world-class cancer hospital which is not only founded by him but taken care of like a baby. Yes, no matter what, I can never doubt this man’s honesty when it comes to running an organization that is really helping out the ones in need. And the need is nothing else but life for those who are suffering at the hands of the deadliest form of all diseases i.e. cancer.

Imran Khan

It was back in June 2014, when my Khaloo was diagnosed with cancer. It sends chills down my body to recollect all those memories of how he had given up all hopes the day he discovered that he had cancer and did not have much time left. In his 40s, a simple man who was not even a matriculate, married with three beautiful kids and a loving wife was at the mercy of Allah alone as he happens to be a person of little means to afford treatment. The chances were very low but his was a curable case provided he could afford those hefty bills that would be handed if decided to undergo a treatment.

What could we all do being his nephews and nieces? Lets contact NGOs–was the answer and raise funds for the treatment. Might I add, we had little hope though.

I sent his reports to SKMH Lahore with the help of a friend of mine, who resides in Lahore and discovered that they have a facility in DHA Phase VII Ext, Karachi too and his treatment was possible.

We took our Khaloo to their Karachi office who told us that they would need to conduct a biopsy – although biopsy reports from two of the credible hospitals had already been shown to them – before they could prescribe the treatment. They charged us Rs. 13,000/- to be exact for the test, which was too much considering the resources my Khaloo had.

I asked the guy at the reception if there was provision for those who could not afford upon which he told us the procedure for applying for a waiver of charges not only for the biopsy but for availing a complete treatment.

Meanwhile his reports came; we had applied for a waiver. My Khaloo was asked to appear for an interview in order to determine if he was deserving or not for the grant.

On the day we were supposed to get the test report, his interview was arranged in SKMH Karachi office over a video conference with the board that sits in Lahore. During the whole course of the interview, my Khaloo was never made to feel as if he was being indebted and the board made sure that he did not feel any less. The decision of the panel was communicated to us by the next day and his treatment was started without any delay.

It does not end here, though.

Not only was he given the whole treatment without being charged anything but the amount that he had paid initially for the biopsy was also returned to him in full. To our surprise after his treatment was complete, neither was he asked to write a testimonial nor any of his photographs were taken and put on for publicity – a case that we often see whenever such organizations accommodate such cases.


The point to pen down this blog is simple:

•   Please do not harm this institute by dragging SKMH or organizations alike. If you can’t help others, at least do not be an obstacle.
•   Those questioning the investments made by SKMH overseas — if they did any at all – should keep in mind that whatever they earn only benefits the needy ones.  I have been to their hospital personally and seen how brilliantly they work. They really have better systems and practices in place than any other hospital that I have happened to visit.
•   Everyone has a right to question but remember, it’s not politics that saves lives but humanity and philanthropists.

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