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PM Sharif’s uncalled for aggression–is he on the way out?

Our Prime Minister finally decided to speak up. Kudos to him. Addressing a public meeting at the Bannu Sports Complex, PM Sharif visibly sounded disturbed and lashed out at the opposition in general and Imran Khan in particular.

Imran Khan’s tone, attitude and body language has always been aggressive but was not really backed/supported by rest of the opposition parties in the past. If one were to recall,  during the “dharna” days, he was left alone for the world to see. PPP and MQM, back then, saved the Prime Minister’s ship from drowning but the situation now has clearly changed. Now, post Panama leaks, PTI, before any other political entity, has demanded Nawaz Sharif resign which wasn’t really backed by other opposition parties.


Imran Khan
Later, Bilawal Bhutto also demanded Nawaz Sharif step down from the post of Prime Minister and it turned into PPP’s overall demand. MQM remained aloof from the resignation issue and now it has also joined the opposition group leaving PM Nawaz Sharif in a weaker position. At this point of time, in my view, the Prime Minister’s recent aggressive speech was uncalled for. It has strengthened the opposition even more and Imran Khan, despite being called as a political infant, has garnered more support in his favour.

Now, the opposition has withdrawn the demand for PM’s resignation and has instead demanded a commission be formed to examine the Sharif family assets from 1985 and that too, within four months. More importantly when the Chief Justice’s response to a letter written by the government to form the judicial commission is being awaited, our Prime Minister should have tried to bring the opposition to the table and seek a political solution to the problem, instead of digging his heels in and starting a war of words with his opponents.

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