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Taking ample care of hygiene during the heatwave

According to the met office, a heatwave will again hit Karachi due to prevailing climatic challenges caused by global warming, rapid urbanization, and deforestation. Last year, the heatwave took as many as of 2,000 lives from Karachi alone mainly due to dehydration, failure to supply electricity to hospitals and heat stroke, as dwellers of Karachi are not in regular habit of facing extreme hot or cold weather. Most of the casualties occurred during the holy month of Ramazan which restricts Muslims from eating something or drinking water from dawn to dusk.


After plenty of lives had been lost, a state of emergency was declared and many relief measures were taken to assist the residents with the help of federal and provincial governments,the military and NGOs etc.
This year, another heat wave is expected to strike Karachi again and the city has started to experience extreme hot weather. However, this year the provincial government and district administration have already taken many precautionary measures by establishing heat relief centers in state-owned hospitals, camps besides roads. NGOs are ready as well, electronic and print media, social media-activists, civil society are playing their part by spreading awareness regarding how to keep the human body hydrated and how to give first aid to heat stroke patients before taking him/her to the hospital for further treatment.


Being a citizen of Karachi, I would like to suggest the fact that Karachiites do not forget hygiene while keeping their bodies hydrated. If you don’t care about hygiene, it can cause food poisoning which may result in abdominal pain,diarrhea,vomiting, fever and ultimately dehydration, which is even more dangerous than the heat stroke. Besides, I would like all street vendors who offer food to consumers to not provide them unhygienic food since the weather is doing enough damage as it is. Concerned authorities must take action against all those who are  not only playing with the health of the people but are also violating the defined laws.

These drinks, sharbats, gola gandas and all are prepared in not-so-suitable conditions. This can further deteriorate the health of the people and cause damage to their health. We must be cautious about these foods as well since they have adverse effects on our health.

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