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Pakistan leaks

Panama Leaks are the most IN THING these days where everyone seems to run behind our Prime Minister and his family over charges of money laundering and investments in offshore companies.

There were instances in the past when people used to blame the Prime Minister and his family for financial corruption. Now since it is from an international forum, opponent parties see an opportunity to cash and exploit these reports.

Apparently, it seems legal action against the PM and/or his resignation will resolve everything. Our country’s looted wealth will be restored and we will start moving on path of prosperity.

Let’s make a small effort and see whether things can be resolved by removing the PM or grabbing these big fishes only? Does anyone or anything else carry responsibility of Pakistan’s failure as a nation?

By virtue of this article, I want to leak our own moral and national fault lines. Let’s see if we can reach  something better at the end. Pakistan Leaks are as follows:

Ideological Failure: It’s said there are only two nations based on ideology, Pakistan and Israel. Unfortunately Pakistanis have either forgotten this or are too indolent to learn about Pakistan’s ideological foundations. Their forefathers carried a clear vision with right actions but current breed seems to have forgotten the enormous sacrifices during the Pakistan movement and the purpose for which this country was made.

Division amid ethnicity, linguistic groups and sects: People do not follow order of unity given by Allah (S.W.T) and taught by their past real leaders/heroes. They often fight amongst each other based on these differences and display favoritism for their own sections. Pakistani society is limping on endless levels of separation and they let politicians and thugs exploit these divisions.

Cultural Crisis: Pakistanis are largely impressed with Indian and Western culture that includes speaking, dressing and behaving like others. They are not keen to learn and apply very own cultural norms like Arabic, Urdu and societal behaviors and fail to understand power of originality.

Lack of team effort: Pakistanis are known to carry enormous talent but this is largely true at individual brilliance level and combined national effort is scarcely visible.

Disrespect for rule of law: This nation often violates the law in their own country and the same people when go abroad happily follow laws overseas.

Traffic laws: Pakistani nation is one of worst users of road and traffic principles. Scattered traffic, disrespect of general driving/transport principles and fight upon a given accident are usual scenes on roads.

Business values: Many individuals do not care much about moral values and established business principles. This is so evident in recent exposure from Ayesha Mumtaz and various TV channels showing unhygienic conditions in restaurants and food factories. Economic terrorism is at its peak during holy month of Ramadan when businessmen become looters as regards to high demand items. Many people want to make money by any means rather than by fair means.

Leadership Crisis: Pakistanis continue to wait for a true leader for ages; a supernatural person who will come with a magic stick (or Danda) and resolve everything within minutes. They lack faith in themselves and are not ready to start by leading their own life and set righteous trends.

Above are few of many charges that Pakistanis carry on their shoulders. The key question now is does any corrupt politician, sneaky policeman or ruthless gangster stop us to correct such ailments?

After reading Pakistan Leaks, now what do you think dear brothers and sisters; apart from financial corruption are we also not responsible for our country’s failure? Shall we make a judicial commission to sort out our national weaknesses? Parliamentary or non-parliamentary committee? Retired or Present Judges will fix above? Does anybody need to give dharna or long march against us? Shall we do suicide or resign from our current positions? What really shall we to do to get free from charges of Pakistan leaks? Your answer awaits.

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