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The Teary State Of Children And Women In Pakistan

Have you heard of morality? Morality is when hearts are open. Open to accept the humane nature of being. Open to cuddle the truth. Morality contains science as well as philosophy.

Have you heard of conscience? Conscience is the pride of humanity. It’s the jewel of the sophist.

I’m pretty sure people who aren’t living in Pakistan are much aware of the aforementioned terms. I’m pretty sure the people of Pakistan aren’t.

Couple of days back, the residents of Pakistan experienced something really strange. The thing they haven’t experienced before. It was a curious pain that traveled from their brains to their hearts.

A paralyzed young girl who was admitted in the ICU of PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) Islamabad was raped by a resident male nurse. The escape from the crime scene was so easy for the perpetrator after the turpitude that it reminds me of our sturdy politicians escape from Pakistan.


The hospital administration kept this news arcane for a couple of days, and then some local media reporter broke it. With the breaking of the news, he broke countless hearts too.

In January 2016, a teenage girl was gang raped by a group of men after being drugged in a guest house in the Mall Road area of Lahore. The victim was fifteen years old.

Rape is notoriously difficult to prosecute in Pakistan. In April 2011, the Supreme Court had upheld the acquittal of five men sentenced to death in Pakistan’s most famous rape case of Mukhtar Mai.

Our children and women aren’t safe in public places and parks but now they aren’t safe in government hospitals too. What kind of security measures the family should take when admitting their women in hospitals? Are there any SOPs?

Where are the contractors of religion on this issue who on every other day threaten for street commotion? Where are the custodians of democracy who on every issue roar for sit-ins or who on every occasion and in every public gathering pledge for development works and country’s welfare? The democrats who on every event don’t miss the opportunity to extol their martyrs? Our own generals who are always waiting for a suitable moment to ouster the elected government?

They’re all silent. Don’t they all smell the rotten potatoes?

We’ve also seen the gang rape of children. Not only rape but we’ve seen the movies of those rapes.


In the mid of 2015, there surfaced a scandal of filming rape of more than hundred children in Kasur. That was the news which tortured humanity. The molesters were influential/powerful landlords purportedly backed by the provincial government’s parliament members.

The case dragged for many months on account of lack of substantial evidence. Then in October 2015, fifteen men were charged with rape. After a couple of months half of them were bailed and the remaining will get it in future. The sky cried during those days, I still remember. The residents of this country were half dead.

Recently we’ve also heard about the rape of a child, in Lakki Marwat area of Pakistan, by his teacher who was also prayer leader of the mosque. The child was being sent to the mosque to learn the holy Quran but learnt the animal nature of human being. The teacher was later arrested but we don’t know if he was treated as by the law.

In a study in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, out of a sample of 300 children 17 percent claimed to have been abused. In September 2014,  British Channel 4 broadcasted a documentary called Pakistan’s Hidden Shame, directed by Muhammad Naqvi, which highlighted the problem of sexual abuse of street children in particular, an estimated 90 percent of whom have been sexually abused.

A number of child rapes have been reported in past months. We also remember when a six-year-old-boy’s body was found in a mosque and a seven-year-old-girl from Sargodha, who was raped and spent a number of painful months in Lahore’s Children Hospital.

After every such callous, hair-raising and heart-breaking incident we cry for legislation that can diminish the occurring of these rape incidents in the imminent future. But the sleeping ethos of our legislators is stymieing the much needed initiative.

The collective conscience of the Pakistani society is touching the deepest depths. The raping of children and women is like a sport to us. The sport that is more pleasurable than any other game. Our hearts are contracted. Our intellect is dead.

Don’t know for how long this teary state of our children and women will sustain but let’s all, as members of this society, declare to stand against this grisly narrative.

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