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The presence of RAW in Pakistan through Iran

Nabbing an officer of Indian premier agency ‘RAW”, involved in terrorist activities in Karachi and Balochistan, is surely of great significance to Pakistan. Part of his confessional statement that has been made public by ISPR is full of explosives as his activities were but this time for India, unmasking the real face of RAW and Indian plan to destabilize Pakistan. Pakistani authorities must have conducted several raids to unearth his network before making it public.

RAW’s relations with Balochistan liberation movement leaders is nothing new to be disclosed but coming out from the RAW officer himself further confirms our stance. He clearly stated that Indian premier intelligence agency (RAW) is behind the terrorist activities in Balochistan and in the port city of Karachi. Most importantly he reveals the Indian plan to sabotage the CPEC project and Gawadar port by attacking the armed forces and government installations along the coast. This is  also nothing new to be known to us either but coming from the RAW officer further strengthens and confirms our stance of Indian involvement in Balochistan.


The most disturbing revelation was the association of RAW with the Baloch student federations, the youth on which our future depends. Rest can be sought out by army operations by killing the terrorists and destroying their training camps, capturing arms and ammunition but if we do not pay heed to the mislead youth, this situation will continue to explode in future and keep it uncertain and unstable.


Feeding Anti Pakistan sentiments to them, make them believe that their land have been occupied, they are being deprived of their rights. Providing them training to fight for the cause of liberation, supplying arms and ammunition to attack armed forces, govt. installations, kill people of other provinces working on their land, etc. This is how the enemy uses local people to work for them indirectly. To safeguard our future from such terror activities and bring Baloch youth back to the national circuit, civil government’s role is quite crucial here. We must work to address this issue immediately otherwise our future would be dark and deadly. Young ones fed up of hatred and anti-Pakistan sentiment will become terrorists in the future and the situation will continue to prevail for a long time. Addressing this cause may take time but a step taken in the right direction now is better than a step taken tomorrow. Certainly their are gaps and problems that we have been created which our enemy is capitalizing on. We should address those problems, give them their rights, start connecting to the people on-ground only then we will be able to keep things in control and make the enemy’s job difficult.

Arrest of RAW officer crossing border from Iran give rise to new questions and concerns for Pakistani people. Use of Iranian soil to carry out terror activities in Pakistan is very much disturbing. As of now, Iran denies its involvement with RAW in such acts and further re-affirms that its soil should not be used against Pakistan. Pakistan has asked Iranian authorities to help unearth the network of RAW and provide details and activities of Yadav in Iran and handover his partner Rizwan (cover name) to Pakistan. It’s surely a defining moment for Pak-Iran relations if Iran truly digs deep to help Pakistan unearth the RAW network or they will show reluctance and delay in responding.

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