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If I don’t cheat, I will not succeed…

We all know that Boards of Secondary Education are conducting examinations of grade nine & ten all over the Sindh. Same as always government has imposed cr.pc 144 section near examination centers which restricts people from standing outside the schools in groups, but we all are witnessing its complete violations outside of centers by” nakal mafia” supporters who help students cheat in the examination by providing guide books, solved papers or every material which can be helpful in solving papers by unfair means. Students do this and feel proud like they have conquered a fort and they have achieved everything. This happens very year or it might continue to happen every year because of poor strategies, management,nepotism,jealousy, lust for earning more money and of course, poor quality of education, lack of well trained teaching staff, coaching center mafias, etc.  I will not blame police for not ensuring implementation of cr.pc 144 outside the centers as they are busy with their duties like anti terrorist operations and other routine work but during examination if a student is in need of cheating material to solve the paper for which he or she was given one whole year of preparation, all people will be held responsible for this unfortunate happening who were given opportunities to teach and assist students for the day of examination . Today Pakistan is not only suffering from external challenges,pressures but internal security threats as well. This is the time when we should teach our youngsters the importance of hard work and achieving their targets and goals with honesty so they can defeat social and economic challenges our country is suffering from. If today we help them cheat, in the near future they will become well known corrupt officials.
This is the time when we should teach our students importance of education, discipline and hard work because they are the nation builders. No doubt there is load shedding ,unemployment, poor public transport system, inflation every where in Pakistan but by passing examination by via unfair means  is not the solution.
A strong Pakistan is our common interest, as this country has given us identity, an independent place to live along with each and everything required for a better life. Lets solemnly pledge that we will not  assist our beloved students in cheating but will help them in solving their queries and difficulties.
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