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The Worship of the Warrior – The Sequel

Scene 1:
24 March 2013: The commando general was back in Pakistan after 4 years. It was exciting crazy day and I had gotten up early in the morning to see his arrival on TV and then the whole day passed watching him take off from a foreign land to landing in his own motherland, the happiness on his face of returning to the land he served for more than 40 years, his emotional lines before landing in Karachi:  “No I don’t have tears in my eyes (and then to cover up his tears he said) I Love Pakistan.” 
Rest of the world has witnessed how the commando, the Ghazi who fought wars of existence for Pakistan, the Kargil hero, appeared in courts while his name was placed in the ECL. Stones, chairs and shoes were thrown at him by lawyers and how his nomination papers had been rejected. He was also placed under house arrest by the court’s orders.  That Black day of 19th April 2013 when he spent a night in police headquarters and then subsequently in sub-jail till 6 November 2013 – 6 months and 18 days where he spent his time writing the ‘sequel’ of his autobiography ‘In The Line of Fire’. Let me tell you ‘the sequel’ word in the blog title is not referred to the book, it has another meaning altogether.
The fearless commando kept defending his motherland time and again, saying Allah Hu Akbar and that Pakistan was ready in case of any Indian aggression. It was all just like a warrior, a soldier who dares his enemies with his courage, bravery & patriotism. In January 2016, he was acquitted from fake Bugti case. Inshallah one day, his name will be cleared from all cases likewise.
Scene 2:
18th March 2016: The commando left Pakistan for Dubai for his medical treatment. Before departure he said:
“I am going abroad for treatment but will return to face the cases against me. I AM A COMMANDO. I LOVE MY MOTHERLAND“, he said. May Allah Almighty bless him with health as always.
Scene 3:
24 March 2016: The commando is not in Pakistan. The roads and hearts are again deserted waiting for another sequel and one should not and must not be in any doubt regarding the sequel of 24 March. The commando will be back since he also returned before when people were saying he would not and also many were against his decision. But he stood firm and returned because this is the country where his blood has been soaked from fighting countless wars and battles for Pakistan.
And how can I end this blog without saying thank you Raheel Sharif? For all the respect, security, protocol and safety that him and Pakistan Army have given to General Musharraf, thank you Raheel Sharif!
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